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Deal would likely face regulatory scrutiny

Communications giant AT&T is looking at making a big purchase that would secure it one of the most popular satellite TV networks in the U.S. AT&T is said to be considering a purchase of DirecTV in a deal that could be worth $40 billion.
If AT&T buys DirecTV, it would make the combined company roughly the size of Comcast. Comcast earlier this year announced its intentions to acquire Time Warner Cable for just over $45 billion. A combined TWC and Comcast would have around 30 million subscribers. If AT&T and DirecTV combined, they would boast 26 million TV subscribers including the 6 million people on the AT&T’s U-Verse TV service.
The AT&T and DIRECTV deal would likely face stiff regulatory scrutiny – just as Comcast is expected to receive -- thanks to the size of the combined entity.
No official comments from AT&T or DirecTV have been offered at this time.

Source: Variety

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Block all media mergers today
By TheJian on 5/3/2014 9:42:04 AM , Rating: 2
None of these mergers is good for users. Less choices/competition=HIGH PRICES
Or let them merge under conditions like, must upgrade network 10x faster in under 2yrs or every single subscriber gets a bill cut to 75% until you upgrade. Anything that forces them to upgrade or basically go bankrupt if they don't. Google threatens to roll-out in Austin TX and a response comes BEFORE google can roll out. Which only serves to prove my point. They have the money to upgrade but would rather milk you until forced and if never forced they'll claim they can't afford it forever.

They all should be forced to spend $20B on upgrading networks first. They all seem to have $40bil-45b around to buy out the largest companies, but none seem to be able to afford the $20bil estimated to upgrade USA. Odd?

Worse, now even google is against net neutrality because they want to be the next comcast too. Expect toll booths and prices of everything you have today to go up shortly as netflix has already alluded to ($1-2 a year most likely from here out as more tolls pop up for all the content you ALREADY paid for via your connection).

I pay $100 to cable internet so they won't ask what is being delivered nor how much I'm using. They have no right to charge extra for what I'm looking at no matter who it comes from or how much bandwidth it uses (this is double dipping). If you have a bandwidth problem, upgrade the network like you promised years ago.

If a news server can go $6-10 (many in this range) for unlimited 50Mbit and you can peg your connection ALL DAY, then what is your problem at $100 when that plucky little news company has to pay YOU for bandwidth out of that $6-10 and they still do VERY well. FYI those prices have been coming down for ages. IE usenetserver years ago it was $15/mo. Now you can get it for $10/mo and even less if you buy a year (not a recommendation, just showing how cheap bandwidth is today).

Comcast alone has added 50B+ in assets in the last 10yrs, and pocketed $30B+ in profits (NET, they make 11B+ pre-tax) while buying back 20% of their shares during those 10yrs. Note the bulk of profits ($20b) came in the last 4yrs and climbing to almost 7B last year NET. At this rate 3yrs of income = an upgrade that will last for ages, yet all they can do is lobby and merge for 40-45B at a pop. You can merge as soon as your done spending $20B to upgrade your networks on EACH side of that merger ;) Until then I hope you all go bankrupt.

Google has joined being outright evil now, but I'd still rather see them buy netflix or something (for all the subs and content deals they have done already, not to mention great shows they are making) and put the hurt on all cable companies until they die (before they figure out a way to kill netflix). At least they only want $70 for unlimited+700Mbit-1Gbit. Of course that only lasts until cable is bankrupt ;)

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