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Mazda puts the Miata on a diet

Twenty-five years after its first introduction to the world, Mazda’s Miata is set to enter its fourth generation. The third generation “NC” Miata is quite long in the tooth (it was introduced in 2005), so the enthusiast crowd is eager to see what Mazda has up its sleeve for the “ND” Miata.
Thankfully, Mazda has revealed a few details about its next generation Miata at the New York Auto Show. While the Japanese automaker didn’t provide a glimpse of what the production bodywork will look like, it did provide us a full look at the vehicle’s new chassis.
Like all of Mazda’s recently redesigned vehicles, the Miata will be built using SKYACTIV technology. The SKYACTIV-CHASSIS used in the ND Miata weighs 220 pounds less than the chassis used in the current NC Miata. Mazda is only stating that the chassis itself is 220 pounds lighter; that doesn’t mean that the entire vehicle will be that much lighter (although we can dream). Added safety features and increased creature comforts are sure to add back some more weight.

But Mazda’s efforts to reduce overall curb weight in vehicles like the Mazda6, Mazda3, and CX-5 leave us hope that the Miata too will shave quite a bit from its current 2,447 pound curb weight.
"This SKYACTIV-CHASSIS expresses a deep-dive chronicle – complete with beginning, middle and conclusion – of the passion, challenges and triumphs being poured into the next-generation MX-5 Miata," said Robert Davis, senior vice president, U.S. Operations, Mazda North American Operations.  "The dedication of the R&D and Design teams to honor the vehicle's dynamic heritage and globally-recognizable features is evident from the chassis' structural blueprint, and will undoubtedly translate into what we believe will be a remarkable production car."

2.0-liter Skyactiv four-cylinder engine
As for what will power the next generation Miata, we’re guessing that it will receive a tweaked version of the SKYACTIV 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that is currently used in the Mazda 3 and CX-5. In those applications, the engine puts out 155hp. However, we’re sure that Mazda’s magic can push that figure past the current engine’s 170hp rating. And we can always look forward to SKYACTIV 2 engines for a mid-cycle refresh of the Miata.

Source: Mazda

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RE: skyactiv for all!
By Samus on 4/16/2014 7:28:57 PM , Rating: 3
The CX-5 is a great car (I own one and can contest) but it has its quirks.

First of all, it isn't a bargain. Like all Mazda's, there is little negotiating room. But they are premium cars, more so than Nissan or Mitsubishi equivalents, and completely on-par with Honda, Ford, and Toyota while being more fun.

However, I don't get my rated fuel economy (even after installing the European tune for 14:1 compression ratio on premium fuel) and the vehicle is incredibly fragile.

This winter, my washer pump broke and needed replacing under warranty. It froze and cracked, likely an insufficient washer fluid/water mix from factory.

Also disturbing, is the windshield situation on these vehicles. Mazda uses thin glass to save weight, and there are hundreds of complaints on NTSB and NHSTA to push for a recall. Not that it will help, I've been driving around with a cracked windshield for weeks on a 4 month old car because the backorder log is currently 9 weeks from Mazda USA to deliver to dealers, once you are on the list.

There are no aftermarket windshields yet, and no, it isn't replaced under warranty. Hopefully my insurance will cover it. The windshield from Mazda is $380 without installation, or about double what Ford charges for their "Autoglass" brand that is in my experience practically bulletproof (I never replaced the windshield on my Mountaineer or Focus and owned both for over a decade.)

The windshields all crack the same way, at the center in a vertical line. Either the chassis is putting too much stress on it or the glass is just too thin. I have various nicks and even a gouge from some dirt left by the wipers. Somehow still DOT approved!

Needs a recall.

RE: skyactiv for all!
By villageidiotintern on 4/16/2014 9:12:00 PM , Rating: 2
I have the 2006 six-speed with a cracked windshield and I am positive it is chassis flex causing it. Because flogging!

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