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Deal shaves at least $150 USD off price of expensive thumb drive

Remember that HyperX Predator 1 terabyte thumb drive from Kingston Technology, Inc. which debuted at CES 2013?

Well it's still not exactly "affordable", but with a Lightning Deal from, Inc. (AMZN) you can get it for "only" $899 USD (w/ free shipping).  That's about $150 USD cheaper than the normal price on Amazon or on eBay, Inc. (EBAY) (or various other sites).

Newegg currently sells the drive for $1093.60 USD.  The debut price was $2,310 USD.
The drive is pretty darn fast with speeds up up to 240 MB/s read and 160 MB/s right over USB 3.0.  The drive is shock resistant and features a zinc alloy case.  It's a bit bulky for a thumb drive, but at 1 TB of storage, that's somewhat understandable.

The "pedestrian" 512 GB HyperX Predator (which debuted at $1,750 USD last year and retails on Newegg for $854.99 USD) is an even bigger steal during the Lightning Deal, retailing for only $459.99 USD.

Source: Amazon Lightning Deal

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RE: Not worth it at all.
By retrospooty on 4/15/2014 8:01:45 PM , Rating: 2
"Which is, nobody. Let's be honest. Nobody "needs" a thumb drive, it's simply a convenience."

LOL, true, I should have said "wants" not "needs". The key thing was they have the cash to blow on it.

"It's hardly "lugging"."

Yes, it is lugging. A USB stick on a keychain is something you already have (your keys). That rids you of needing to A, bring something else in your pockets, and B, forget to bring something else or C lose it. That part is highly useful. My keys are always where I am, or I couldn't have gotten there, so I always have my stuff. The USB stick vs. SSD thing makes total sense. $900? No, not for me. I was just eyeballing this though. Well worth the $60

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