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First time eDrive and xDrive tech has been combined in one vehicle

BMW has unveiled the Concept X5 eDrive, which will be showcased at the New York International Auto Show. Although the vehicle is labeled as a concept, it’s a dead ringer for the production plug-in hybrid version of BMW’s popular crossover that it plans to bring to market sometime within the next year or two.
The hybrid drive system gets its primary motivation from a 245hp turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. That gas engine is combined with a 95hp/184 lb-ft electric motor developed by the BMW Group. Power for the electric motor comes from a lithium-ion battery pack (which is mounted under the cargo area) that can charge from any wall outlet.
The Concept X5 eDrive can drive on electricity alone for up to 20 miles at speeds up to 75 mph. BMW says that the car will have an average fuel consumption of over 74.3 mpg in the EU testing cycle (which means we’ll likely see less than half of that quoted figure under EPA guidelines). BMW says that the X5 concept can reach 62mph in under 7-seconds.

The Concept X5 eDrive is the first from BMW that uses its xDrive all-wheel-drive system paired with eDrive hybrid technology.
The concept also has a ConnectedDrive system that helps plan routes and lists the location of charging stations on the GPS map. This allows the driver to find a charging station when they are around town in electric mode.

Source: BMW

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RE: Tesla!
By EricMartello on 4/15/2014 5:44:17 PM , Rating: 2
But not even I go around launching my car for the best 0-60 times possible, and I don't see anyone else doing it either in normal driving.

If you paid the premium for a fast car you should drive it fast. I'm at or near the redline quite routinely in my cars for no other reason than it's fun and I like the feeling I get.

It's great that electric motors give you "max torque" and all that, but I don't know why EV proponents go on and on about it so much. People simply don't drive like that in real life, even if they can.

High torque at low engine speeds, or with electric motors - zero engine speed, result in a car that "feels" fast because you feel that force pressing you back into the seat.

Despite this, the fastest Model S is only cutting high 12-sec quarter mile times...this is OK if you're in the $40K-$50K price range but it's on the slow side for something $80K plus.

The base Model S only does a low 14 sec all this hype about torque (which is heavily misunderstood by the average idiot) is for nothing.

Having said that, I find pretty much all of Eric's posts here embarrassing. And that's coming from ME lol.

Go ahead and show me were I'm wrong about anything I said, but don't embarrass yourself in trying to do so.

"This is from the It's a science website." -- Rush Limbaugh

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