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Bentley hybrid tech will show up in new SUV in 2017

Bentley isn’t exactly a company that you think of when the words “fuel efficiency” come up. Bentley is mostly known for making including luxurious, heavy, and powerful vehicles that only the super wealthy can afford. However, that doesn’t mean that the company can’t embrace “green” technology.
Bentley is talking up its hybrid concept ahead of the vehicle’s debut in China. The hybrid tech is being showcased inside the Bentley Mulsanne. However, the first production car from Bentley that is planned to use the hybrid tech will be a new Bentley SUV hitting the roads in 2017. The Bentley SUV will use the same platform as the next generation Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne, and will come equipped with a 575hp V12 engine.

Bentley's Mulsanne Hybrid Concept
"There is no doubt that plug-in hybrid technology is true to Bentley's values of outstanding luxury and effortless performance. Combining our renowned engines with electric power reinforces and enhances both principles, and so we will gradually introduce this powertrain across our model range.
“By the end of the decade, at least 90% of our production will be available as a plug-in hybrid. We are proud to be pioneering these developments in the luxury sector."

Bentley's upcoming SUV
The car’s plug-in hybrid system promises a power increase of up to 25% while reducing CO2 by 70%. Bentley notes that the hybrid system will bring those benefits without affecting the luxury of the vehicle. The hybrid vehicle will be able to drive 50 km (31 miles) on electricity alone.

It's also unclear at this time exactly how large the battery pack will be or how long it will take to charge.

Sources: Autoblog, Left Lane News

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Torque fill
By syslog2000 on 4/9/2014 11:10:49 AM , Rating: 3

I think the high end brands will be using hybrid power trains not only to save fuel but more so for performance. The new McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 both illustrate this usage. The smaller turbo charged ICE will have turbo lag. During this lag time the electric motor(s) will engage to "fill in" the torque gap. The result would be a more power off the get-go. Of course the electric motors will also be used in conjunction with the ICE when more performance is needed at higher speeds too.

The cool thing is that this type of torque fill is coming to mainstream cars too. Ford is experimenting with this right now. Actually they are using supercapacitors instead of a big battery bank but the intent is to have a large 48V battery that provides all the electric needs of the car plus the power need for the electric motor to do its torque filling.

Cool stuff!

RE: Torque fill
By Brandon Hill on 4/9/2014 12:21:32 PM , Rating: 2
Watching Chris Harris' review of the McLaren P1 was a sight to behold...

"It's a whole new thing" :)

RE: Torque fill
By syslog2000 on 4/9/2014 12:29:21 PM , Rating: 2
It was pretty cool. If you haven't, check out Top Gear's 918 review. Lovely.

Top gear reviewed the P1, but I do like Chris' take on it.

RE: Torque fill
By Brandon Hill on 4/9/2014 1:53:53 PM , Rating: 2
Yup. Seen both reviews. I'll take the P1.

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