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Yahoo wants its own video streaming service and plans to pay out more than YouTube

The top site online for uploading and viewing video on the internet is YouTube by far, which is owned by search giant Google. Yahoo has attempted (and mostly failed) to encroach onto Google’s turf in the search world, but it’s not stopping the company from shifting resources to create a credible YouTube competitor.
Re/code indicates that Yahoo plans to launch the site within the coming months, and is even attempting to lure some of YouTube’s most infamous stars and networks (with cold, hard cash) to headline the new streaming site. Sources indicate that Yahoo plans to offer content makers improved ad revenue sharing or guaranteed ad rates for videos they post to the Yahoo site.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer [Image Source: AP]
Yahoo is also preparing a new content management system for the endeavor that would be used for its own service, and plans to offer video makers extensive marketing on its home page and via other sources on a non-exclusive basis.
Yahoo could always jumpstart its video efforts by purchasing an existing service like Vimeo, but the company has already seen its previous efforts dashed. Last year, Yahoo tried to purchase French streaming video company DailyMotion, but the $300 million deal went up in smoke after French politicians balked at Americans getting their hands on a “French Internet success story.”

Source: Re/code

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maybe not, maybe?
By mike8675309 on 4/1/2014 2:05:46 PM , Rating: 2
youtube does a lot, a lot, a lot to target ads to benefit the youtuber as well as the advertiser. Their system is still being tuned, and it has been worked on for years. They could certainly use some competition to keep them focusing on the content creators and not getting too caught up in the advertisers. But they have quite a system and for anyone to catch up (even Vimeo) there is going to be a learning curve.

All of that said, Youtube has burned enough of the big content creators that most of them have been migrating much of their stuff to their own web sites with additional content and just using youtube as the media host. I believe this is because of all the issues Youtube has had with making decisions that they really don't warn anyone about or really test out first. They just do it and let the content creators deal with the aftermath.

As such, ripe for a competitor.

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