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Support for Office 2003 ends April 8 along with Windows XP

Microsoft has stepped up its efforts in recent months to kill off Windows XP for good, and those efforts are now extending to Office 2003. Office 2003 has been around for over a decade and Microsoft wants users to switch to Office 365.
Microsoft wrote in a blog post, "Office 2003 no longer meets the needs of the way we work, play and live today. For this reason, it is time to say farewell to Office 2003 and embrace the productivity solution of today – Office 365."

Microsoft wants users to ditch Office 2003

Many people have been using Office 2003 for years simply because it does all they need and it's paid for. Office 365 requires a subscription and you will need to continue paying to keep it active.
Microsoft says that support for Office 2003 will end on April 8.
We already knew that support for Windows XP would also end on April 8, and Microsoft has resorted to pop ups to tell XP users the end is here. Microsoft also offers a $100 discount to get XP users to upgrade to Windows 8. 

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RE: Just A Matter Of Time
By DT_Reader on 3/25/2014 12:55:49 PM , Rating: 1
If you must exchange files with people who use Microsoft Office, then Libre Office or the others can be a hassle. But if I were starting a new company I wouldn't allow any Microsoft products in the building. Period. In fact, I wouldn't allow anything without an open license. Too much hassle keeping things legal for the BSA - a company with no legal standing that will swoop in on you demanding to see the license for all your software. I'd prefer to be in a position to tell them to sod off, and I can't understand any company under 50 employees using any Microsoft products other than sheer inertia. If you hire an employee and they can't learn Libre Office in their 90 day probation period, then hire someone else.

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