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Gov. Rick Perry  (Source: Bloomberg)
He said the pros of allowing this would outweigh the cons

Not long ago, Texas told Tesla Motors to take a hike when the automaker wanted to sell its electric vehicles (EV) directly to customers without the use of auto dealers. But it seems that the Lone Star state is changing its tune now that Tesla's giant Gigafactory is on the line. 
According to Dallas News, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) indicated that Texas needs to take a second look at its state rules -- which he referred to as "antiquated" -- that prevent Tesla from selling its EVs directly to customers. 
"Tesla’s a big project,” said Perry. “The cachet of being able to say we put that manufacturing facility in your state is hard to pass up.
“I think it’s time for Texans to have an open conversation about this, the pros and the cons. I’m gonna think the pros of allowing this to happen outweigh the cons.”
Perry wants Tesla's Gigafactory, which the automaker plans to build in a Southwest state in the U.S. The factory aims to supply batteries for up to 500,000 EVs by the year 2020. The gigafactory would cost $5 billion USD, span as much as 1,000 acres, and employ about 6,500 people. It would also largely be powered by renewable energy. 
Four states -- Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada -- are pushing to become the site for the Gigafactory. Whichever state Tesla chooses will see great economic benefits from the large-scale plant; hence Texas' new view on direct sales.
The state realizes that Tesla likely won't choose it if Texas doesn’t allow the automaker to sell its vehicles without the help of auto dealers. 
It's possible that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is using the Gigafactory as leverage to get the direct sales laws changed in certain U.S. states, and it looks to be working as Arizona recently passed a bill to allow Tesla to do just that.
Texas Rep. Jason Villalba (R, Dallas) recently wrote Musk a letter in an attempt to patch things up with the automaker. He said he's a proponent of the Tesla-backed House Bill 3351, and that Texas is the perfect state for the Gigafactory due to its warm climate (for the solar-ran factory) and large labor pool to fill factory positions.  
Earlier this month, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration proposed a new rule that requires a person to have a franchise agreement with an auto manufacturer in order to be granted a license to sell. Tesla already had two stores in the state at the time. 
Shortly after, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission voted in favor of the ban of direct auto sales. This means that the two stores must be turned into showrooms and nothing more after April 1, 2014. 
New Jersey is now the third state to ban Tesla's direct sales model. 

Source: Dallas News

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By Reclaimer77 on 3/25/2014 9:01:00 PM , Rating: 1
He didn't try to do the right thing and fix antiquated laws until it was going to cost the state something very tangible and visible.

That was the status quo long before he took office.

Trying to change the status quo can be VERY risky for a politician. Look at when Bush tried to reform Social Security.

We've known Social Security is an absolute trainwreck, heading for disaster, for years now. But politicians keep passing the buck, because trying to actually FIX it is too risky. The other side will just claim you're trying to "kill the elderly", and they'll vote you out of office.

This issue never even came up until Tesla challenged it. You're acting like the guy is supposed to right all the wrongs in the world. Wow, I'm SHOCKED a politician waited for a popular issue before deciding on it first!!! Because, you know, our President would NEVER do that *cough*

If Tesla gets to sell their vehicles in Texas at the "cost" of a battery factory in an extremely competitive corporate tax structure..ummm, I fail to see what you guys are getting so upset about.

When John Kerry was put over the coals for changing his stance on the war in Iraq, that ticked me off. I just used that as an example to show that I'm not being partisan about this, as politicians on both sides of the isle do it.

First off, that was WAY worst. WTf dude?? Nobody is dying over this Tesla issue. Kerry knew he was lying, it was 100% a political move, while soldiers were dying in Iraq he was more interested in Bush-bashing.

If that's your idea of not being partisan...whoa.

"There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere." -- Isaac Asimov

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