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This time, Hyundai gets called out in home market of South Korea

Hyundai/Kia last caught flak in late 2012 with regards to inflated fuel economy claims in over 1 million vehicles. After being audited by the EPA, the company admitted that “errors” were made in its fuel economy calculations.
“Given the importance of fuel efficiency to all of us, we’re extremely sorry about these errors,” said John Krafcik, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America, back in November 2012. 

2015 Hyundai Sonata
It appears that Hyundai didn’t learn its lesson the first time around (which cost is nearly $400 million), and has admitted to another “error” in calculating the fuel economy for its redesigned, home-market Sonata. Hyundai had initially stated that the revised sedan saw its fuel economy improve by 6 percent compared to the previous model. However, government testing showed that the improvement was only 2 percent.

The 6 percent improvement also seemed incredibly optimistic given that the revised Sonata is actually heavier than the model it replaces.
Hyundai has since apologized for the irregularity, stating that it is “very sorry for causing confusion.”

Sources: Reuters, Autoblog Green, Detroit News

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RE: "Error" my ass.
By Alexvrb on 3/19/2014 12:25:39 AM , Rating: 2
No error? That's a good one! You don't seem to actually know what happened with the Hyundai and Kia models affected in the US. Your anecdotal evidence doesn't factor in what models and what years were affected, either. I'm not defending Ford, Ford really screwed up bad (intentionally) with the C-Max numbers, by using an EPA loophole that let them use a Fusion Hybrid test with the same drivetrain. The revised C-Max numbers dropped it from 47 to 43 combined and 40 Highway. 4-7 MPG is drastic, although it is not "more than 5-7 mpg" as you state. Regardless, that's pretty bad, but it is a single model.

Meanwhile, Hyundai/Kia intentionally overstated MPG across a number of models! Some of them only saw their MPG ratings adjusted slightly (1-2 MPG). Others were off by 3-4 MPG highway, and still others... well a number of Kia Soul models saw their highway mileage plummet by 5-6 MPG highway. They fudged numbers by just a little bit across the board, and they got too greedy with certain models. Then they marketed the heck out of them, flaunting their MPG numbers over Honda and Toyota on advertisements for a couple of years before they had to cut their numbers.

But you know what? Don't listen to me. See what Hyundai has to say about it:

That's a lot of models affected.

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