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The fourth generation iPad returns to lineup at Apple

Apple first introduced the iPad 2 just over three years ago, which makes it quite ancient in today’s fast-paced tech world. However, Apple has continued to sell the device as one of its entry-level tablets with a price tag of $399.
Today, Apple is finally kicking the iPad 2 (with its non-Retina display and older 30-pin dock connector) to the curb in favor of the fourth generation iPad with Retina Display. The $399 price and 16GB capacity remain, but you get a faster A6X processor (instead of the older A5), Retina display (obviously) and the Lightning Dock connector.

“Now for $399 customers can get iPad with a stunning 9.7-inch Retina display, fast A6X chip, and 5MP iSight camera, offering a dramatic upgrade in power, performance and value compared to the iPad 2 it replaces,” said Apple's Philip Schiller. “The iPad line sets the gold-standard in mobile computing and all iPads have access to the largest and best ecosystem of more than 500,000 iPad optimized apps from the App Store.”

If users prefer to have a cellular connection, you can also opt to add LTE connectivity for an additional $130.
Both the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+LTE models are currently available from the Apple Store.

Source: Apple

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RE: Cool.
By aliasfox on 3/18/2014 9:35:34 AM , Rating: 2
Agreed, the iPad2 for $399 in 2013 was a sad joke. My guess is that Apple kept it around for those that wanted an iPad for Point-of-Sale use (think cash registers) with existing 30-pin docks and credit card readers. Now that Lightning's been out for 18 months there are probably enough point-of-sale adapters out there that there's no reason to keep the old one at all.

I also think they never really expected very many individuals to buy one anymore - for the budget folk, the iPad mini for $299 got you the same hardware, and the iPad mini Retina for $399 was generally a much more compelling option.

Lastly, for a high res, 'full size' tablet, the iPad 4 at $399 is actually decent deal. If I recall, it can generally outpace a Tegra3 equipped tablet and keep pace with a Snapdragon 600 - I haven't looked, but I'm guessing these SoCs are still in most of the mid-range Android tablet space.

Too bad it's heavier than the iPad2, that was a little disappointing. The difference in weight between an original iPad/iPad3/iPad4 and an iPad2 is surprisingly noticeable, despite being only 0.2-0.3 lbs.

RE: Cool.
By Brandon Hill on 3/18/2014 10:49:14 AM , Rating: 2
Yeah, the iPad 4 is a great tablet -- albeit a bit on the heavy side compared to the Air -- and I love mine. I got a 128GB Wi-Fi model a few months ago brand new for $519.

With all the storage space, this thing is my mobile gaming/TV shows/movie platform of choice.

RE: Cool.
By ilt24 on 3/18/2014 11:35:52 AM , Rating: 2
The difference in weight between an original iPad/iPad3/iPad4 and an iPad2 is surprisingly noticeable, despite being only 0.2-0.3 lbs.

I'm not exactly sure what you are comparing, but the ipad 4 weighs 39g, 1.4oz or .086lbs more than an ipad 2.

RE: Cool.
By aliasfox on 3/18/2014 11:50:42 AM , Rating: 3
Hmm. My data shows an iPad2 Wi-Fi at 1.33 lbs, and the iPad4 Wi-Fi as 1.44 lbs, or a difference of 0.11 lbs. Off the top of my head I thought the iPad2 was 1.2 lbs, guess I was wrong.

It's still a noticeable difference in weight from my first gen (1.5 lbs) iPad, which is what I was using as a proxy for an iPad4 (which I've never owned nor extensively used). Both are noticeably heavier than an iPad Air.

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