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Apple hopes to lower the price of entry with the iPhone 5C by adding an 8GB variant

It was reported earlier this year that Apple’s latest current generation of smartphones have been somewhat of a mixed bag for the company. The $99, entry-level iPhone 5C (largely an iPhone 5 with a colorful plastic body) was apparently not the runaway sales success that Apple had predicted.
As Apple CEO Tim Cook put it, “It was the first time we ever ran that play, and demand percentage turned out to be different than we thought.”
Instead, most people just decided to pony up an extra $100 to get the superior-spec’d iPhone 5S with its faster A7 processor and Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 5C
There is now word that Apple is looking to turn the tide by introducing a cheaper, 8GB variant of the iPhone 5C this week (the cheapest iPhone 5C currently available is equipped with 16GB of storage and is priced at $99 on contract). The only other iPhone model that Apple offers with 8GB of capacity is the nearly three-year-old iPhone 4S, which is available for free on contract. It is unknown if the 8GB iPhone 5C would replace the iPhone 4S as a “freebie” smartphone, or if it will occupy a highly plausible $49 price point.
The first option seems like the most likely scenario, as it would allow Apple to rid itself of smartphones using the older 30-pin dock connector (Apple’s current generation products connect are equipped with a Lightning dock connector). It would also align all of Apple’s smartphone screens to 4” – that is until the iPhone 6 hits the market later this year.

Source: Apple Insider

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RE: Contract
By Dr. Kenneth Noisewater on 3/17/2014 11:18:26 AM , Rating: 2
But even if you get a very low interest loan, paying for a car for more than three (maybe 4 years on the outside) is definitely stupid. Who wants a car note when other big bills start coming in? Or after you're tired of the car and want a change...

Or, you can trade in and hopefully not be too far underwater on the old car's loan. If you're going to do that regularly, it's probably worth leasing though, but the last few years used cars were at a ridiculous premium and buying new with cheap money to have a fresh, efficient vehicle with modern safety engineering and a warranty was not a bad way to go.

RE: Contract
By Nutzo on 3/17/2014 1:32:10 PM , Rating: 2
If you still have a loan on your old car, you shouldn't be looking for another car.

I kept my last few cars for over 10 years. \ll the years without a car payment let me save up a large down payment on the next car.

Even though I could have payed cash for the car I bought last year, I went with a 5 year loan because the dealer was offering 0%. Might as well keep the money in the bank when someone else will give me free use of thier money for 5 years.

If you traded your car into the dealer, you probably got even further ripped off. I sold my old car to a used car dealer for almost 2x what the new car dealer offered in trade. I usually resell to a private party, but the used car dealer made me such a good offer, it wasn't worth the effort to sell it privately.

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