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Sony won by nearly 30,000 sales

Sony's PlayStation 4 pulled out another monthy sales win over Microsoft's Xbox One, although the gap is starting to narrow. 
According to Xbox Wire, Microsoft sold 258,000 Xbox One consoles for the month of February. However, Sony sold around 287,000 PlayStation 4s according to market researchers NPD Group. 
Overall hardware sales rose 42 percent year over year and 44 percent month over month. The top-selling games for February were "Call of Duty: Ghosts," "The Lego Movie Videogame," "NBA 2K14," "Thief" and "Grand Theft Auto V."
The PS4 ended up outselling the Xbox One in January as well, where journalist Geoff Keighley -- who spoke with PlayStation SVP Guy Longworth -- said PS4 sales in January nearly doubled the "nearest next gen competitor," which points to the Xbox One. 

[SOURCE: voltmag]

But the Xbox One was December 2013's winner with 908,000 consoles sold.

In mid-February, it was reported that Sony had sold 5.3 million PS4s globally since launch.

Sales of both consoles are being watched very closely, since many believe the months after the holiday season are more telling of which console wins the race rather than the November-December period, when everyone is spending anyway. 

Both Microsoft and Sony released their respective consoles a week apart in November 2013, just in time for the holiday season. 

Source: Xbox Wire

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RE: Supply
By TheDoc9 on 3/14/2014 2:07:36 PM , Rating: 2
I don't get Titanfall, it seems like one of those games people get behind because of a lack of options. It frankly reminds me of Unreal Tournament 10 years ago, and I know it won't be half as fun because it's on a console.

I'm sure it will be good and I would probably get it if I had an xbone. I'm liking the Indie games on the ps4 lately.

RE: Supply
By wallijonn on 3/14/2014 5:34:09 PM , Rating: 3
I don't get Titanfall...

"EA". That's all I need to know. Sim City EA. Battlefield 4 EA.

Even if I had an XB1 I wouldn't get it. But that's just me...

Yeah, reviews are nice. Let's wait and see if the EA servers go down, if they start banning accounts, see if save data gets corrupted, see if there's game killing glitches, etc.

RE: Supply
By althaz on 3/16/2014 10:46:25 PM , Rating: 4
EA don't make Titanfall. In fact they don't have anything to do with Titanfall, other than distributing physical copies to store and having exclusive rights to it on Origin.

They were not involved in the development of the engine (Valve) or the game (all Respawn) and they aren't (thank god) involved in the server back-end (all Azure for XB1 and PC).

The problems with Battlefield, Sim City, etc were all EA - EA handled the online, their teams (Dice and Maxis are owned by EA) handled development and they used their own in-house (seemingly broken) game engines. I wouldn't buy an EA game near release in the near future, but Titanfall is NOT an EA game, it's a game published and distributed by EA.

RE: Supply
By Alexvrb on 3/14/2014 8:27:37 PM , Rating: 1
It's on PC too. I've heard positive things for the most part, from those who are playing it. Outside of PC gaming, it's a positive for XB1.

But the main thing the XB1 needs is a price cut. Wouldn't hurt to have a white variant and models with a larger HDD at the current price point, plus full external drive support (so I can hook up a multi-TB WD Black/Purple drive in an external enclosure). I hope Elop wakes up and smells the coffee.

RE: Supply
By eek2121 on 3/16/2014 12:21:47 AM , Rating: 2
Nah, i actually like Titanfall. I also liked modern warfare 2 (but not later call of duty games) That being said, i didn't buy it on the XBone. I bought it for PC. I have a 360, but that is the last microsoft console i'll ever own. I also almost bought a PS4, but cancelled it due to lack of quality launch titles. Sadly, when i visit the various walmarts, etc. i can find plenty of xbox ones, but no PS4s. WTF is sony doing?

"Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?... So why the f*** doesn't it do that?" -- Steve Jobs
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