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GM has provided presidential limos for 30 years

The president of the U.S. rides as a passenger around the county (and the world) in the back of a highly armored limousine called "The Beast." As formidable as this current limo is, the U.S. Secret Service is seeking bids for firms to build a next generation limo to protect future presidents.
Last week a contract proposal was posted on the government contract site announcing that the Secret Service plans to award the contract by August 29 based on "the best value to the government."

President Obama's "Beast"
The project includes four different phases. The first phase of the project is armor development and is already underway. Phase 2 will include the integration of the armor with final automotive components. Phase 2 also requires the selection of chassis, interior, exterior, and test vehicle fabrication and automotive component testing.
The third phase of the project will be the automotive validation with the final phase focused on production of vehicles. The contract proposal is limited to major domestic automakers with headquarters based primarily in the U.S.

The current version of "The Beast" is capable of surving brutal assaults (although it can be tripped up by driveways) [Image Source: The Daily Mail]

General Motors currently has been the primary contractor The Beast and has provided Cadillac presidential limos for 30 years.
“There’s more security around the development of a presidential limo than any of our products,” GM vice president for design Ed Welburn said in a Detroit News interview in September. “It takes a number of years to develop the car. It’s a great project to work on. This particular one, more so than any of them in the past. In the past, they were retrofitting existing vehicles — with this, this is really from the ground up a new vehicle, and we really do it right.”

Sources: Detroit News, Time Magazine,, The Daily Mail

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By FITCamaro on 3/12/2014 2:05:06 PM , Rating: 2
Except much of that "vacation", Bush was actually working. Just from his ranch instead of the White House. Are you really going to fault a guy for wanting to get out of DC? He did a lot from his ranch including hosting foreign dignitaries and such. Even when on vacation, again most were at his ranch. Which cost the taxpayers nothing extra since Secret Service maintains a constant presence at every Presidential address all the time. It only cost us the trip to Texas and back. Far better than having rent out entire sections of lavish hotels like Obama is requiring of us. No President is truly on vacation. But the difference between the two is stark. Heck the guy just got back from yet another 3 day vacation after his big vacation in January.

Bush also gave up golf after 9/11 and instead spent his time visiting injured troops at Walter Reid. Without the media lapping behind him like a love sick puppy. Obama meanwhile has played over 160 times. 163 to be exact. And counting.

Lastly, Bush didn't make countless late night TV appearances treating the office of president like that of a celebrity as Obama has.

This is after only 5 years as well. He's got 3 more to go.

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