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Funny video highlights serious issues with the world's most popular cryptocurrency.

Given all the Bitcoin scams and Bitcoin scammers around these days, some are trying to figure out why people are entrusting so much money in a scheme predisposed to fraud and popular among fraud artists.
Conan O'Brien offers a humorous take on this mess, interviewing the "COO of Bitcoin".  In the video, the Bitcoin professional tries to explain in "layman's terms" and then with a high-production video what exactly Bitcoin is.

Mr. O'Brien deserves some props for getting close to the definition when comparing Bitcoin to PayPal.  Bitcoin to the common man is a lot like PayPal.  It is arguably not a currency
However, unlike PayPal it is stored locally as data in wallet apps, making it pretty easy to steal.  And it acts as a speculative investment.  And it seeds wealth to early adopters.  And it makes a tempting honeypot for government sorts, who watch bemused as drug sellers mail packages of drugs in the mail, thinking they will be protected by Bitcoin's "anonymity".

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RE: Never any upsides
By TSS on 3/11/2014 7:59:23 PM , Rating: 2

Then explain those 3 articles putting bitcoin in a positive light. If anything Jason has shown himself to be a proponent of bitcoin, with to my memory the positive articles far outweighing the few negative ones as of late. And why have there been negatives? Maybe because negative things are happening to bitcoin? (well, mt.gox, bitcoin is still at $640 a pop on other exchanges) Which is also why the OP was rated down (and you as well), plain ignoring bad stuff or trying to explain it as "sensationalism" isn't going to do anybody good. Sometimes bad stuff happens, get over it.

If your oppinion has merit it *will* be appreciated. If you want proof, search for my name on that middle link there. You'll find a very negative comment, on a positive bitcoin article, while it was only going up from there going from $32 to $1100+ later on, and i still got rated up to 4 for it. Because it had merit, for no other reason then that. It's a comment i can still stand by to this very day, while yours and the OP's is just a simple google away from being disproven. That's the real difference between being rated up or down.

Aside from those times when you just ruffle feathers. I've done that before, no amount of merit will save your rating when you know you're pissing people off. But meh, if ratings on the internet is all you care about, commenter or journalist.... then i pity you.

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