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System uses in car internet to connect with traffic lights

My hometown had traffic lights on the main street with a little sign indicating that if went 40 mph and caught the first light green, you would likely make it down the entire street without stopping at another light. It was a grand design that was likely tossed in an effort to increase revenue by issuing more tickets for running red lights.
Audi has announced new technology that is a high tech version of that sign. The system is called Audi Traffic Light Recognition and the carmaker figures that the system could save millions of gallons of fuel.

The system uses in-car internet in a new way by leveraging Audi connect to establish a link between the car and the traffic light. The system is able to figure out the timing pattern of traffic lights (and the traffic lights in the vicinity) and maps those to an information system in the central instrument cluster that shows a virtual traffic light.

When the driver is stopped at a red light the Audi system calculates the time left before the light turns green and sets a timer for the driver on the display in the dash. The system also interacts with the start-stop tech in the car to have the engine on and ready to go 5-seconds before the light turns green.

In addition to saving fuel, Audi also thinks the system can reduce CO2 emissions by 15%.
Audi and the city of Las Vegas are working together on the trial of the system with 50 sets of traffic lights supported. Testing is also underway in Verona, Italy. 

Source: AutoBlog

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RE: Why not just get a Hybrid.
By FITCamaro on 3/12/2014 8:15:16 AM , Rating: 2
You just get the joy of driving the most boring car in the world, a Toyota Camry.

And that's not the point of it. The point is so that people don't have to stop as much. If you maintain speed just going slower, you will save fuel, wear and tear, and frustration of starting off, getting fully up to speed, and then hitting the brakes again. Any good driver already does this themselves. You learn how lights are timed and how fast or slow to go to where by the time you get to the next light, its green and you don't have to come to a complete stop. This applies even for a hybrid since you will use more electricity and gas by not doing this which will cost you more money.

I let friction slow me down a lot instead of flooring it to the next red light. Instead I'll get up to about 30 and then coast if I know the light timing.

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