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Native quad-core en route

Yesterday during AMD's Q2'06 earnings conference call, AMD's President and Chief Operating Officer Dirk Meyer recapped the long term plans for the company.  Although the bulk of his comments were already stated in during the June AMD Analyst's Day, Meyer also added the tidbit that the company plans "to demonstration our next-generation processor core, in a native quad-core implementation, before the end of the year."  Earlier this year, AMD's Executive Vice President Henri Richard claimed this native-quad core processor would be called K8L.

Earlier AMD roadmaps have revealed that quad-core production CPUs would not utilize a native quad-core design until late 2007 or 2008. To put that into perspective AMD demonstrated the first dual-core Opteron samples in August 2004, with the processor tape out in June 2004.  The official launch of dual-core Opteron occurred on April 21, 2005.  On the same call Meyer announced that that the native quad-core would launch in the middle of 2007 -- suggesting the non-native quad-core Deerhound designs may come earlier than expected or not at all.

Just this past Wednesday, Intel one-upped K8L plans by announcing quad-core Kentsfield and Clovertown will ship this year, as opposed to Q1'07 originally slated by the company. 

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RE: Why is everybody killing AMD????
By ecktt on 7/24/2006 2:35:58 AM , Rating: 2
The Pentium IV was a flop from start, Intel's new processor only corrects that. Where's Hypertransport??? where's the on-die memory controller and so forth??? I see a HUGE cache, now, let's move to applications that don't use cache very well.</qoute>

You can't be serious or you're just a n00b. While the IPC was low on the P4 when it cam out , it had the high clock speed to more than make up for it and dominate anything in its time. Not to mention the later release of Hyper threading, which made better use of existing silicon and brought a smooth desktop performance to the masses which was previously reserve for the rich. Granted the AMD64 came out hitting hard but the fact it ever since the original Athlon came out, both Intel and AMD have been playing leap frog with each other in terms of performance. FYI even without an integrated memory controller and no point to point interconnecting bus, Conroe seems to be performing quite well. If you asked me, since AMD has to use these 2 feature to perform as well as it does, it just might suggest that AMD64 wasn't that good of a design in the first place. And as for the cache, you obviously have done very little programming (if any).

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