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Strike will continue says one worker

A group of about 1,000 workers at an IBM factory in China are on strike. The strike has to do with the terms of the deal that will see the workers become Lenovo employees as part of the deal between IBM and Lenovo for low-end servers. Production at the factory has remained suspended for the fourth day in a row.
"So far, we've heard nothing from the management or the government in response to our demands," said Hou Hongbo, a 10- year worker at the factory. "The company's attitude so far is to ignore us, but the entire production remains shut down."
The workers are striking because they want more pay if they transfer to Lenovo or a better severance package if they decide the leave the company.
An IBM spokesperson says that the deal the workers are being offered in the change is "comparable in aggregate to what they currently are receiving." The spokesperson also noted that if the workers chose to leave they would get an "equitable severance package."
Lenovo purchased IBM’s x86 server business in late January for roughly $2.3 billion ($2 billion in cash, $300 million in stock).

Source: Reuters

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RE: Big Iron
By Einy0 on 3/6/2014 7:43:38 PM , Rating: 3
Not just mainframes, their Power7+ covers the mid-range server market as well. They are heavily invested in services and R&D. IBM is one of the top cloud services providers and they still are granted more unique patents in the US per year than anyone else. 21 years in a row! Big Blue is still very busy, just not in the consumer and small business sectors.

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