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The offer ends today

T-Mobile's latest offer for BlackBerry users seemed to be successful for everyone but BlackBerry. 
According to TmoNews, T-Mobile's BlackBerry trade-in campaign resulted in 94 percent of old BB devices being traded for smartphones made by the company's competitors. It isn't clear exactly how many customers participated in the promotion. 
Last month, T-Mobile presented a $200 trade-in offer for BlackBerry users that aimed to get them an iPhone for a great price. This led to a lot of fuss from BlackBerry fans and BlackBerry CEO John Chen, who called the promotion "inappropriate and ill-conceived." 
T-Mobile tried to make it right by offering an extra $50 for users who decided to trade-in an old BlackBerry device in favor of a new one like the Z10 or Q10. 
However, that extra $50 didn't seem to make much of a difference. A vast majority of old BlackBerry trade-ins ended up favoring other brands. 
The offer ended today, and T-Mobile noted in an internal memo that the promo led to a 15x increase in BlackBerry trade-ins. 

BlackBerry really didn't need to lose any extra customers at this time, considering the company is already having major troubles. 

Last year, BlackBerry had a full year net loss of $5.4 billion USD on revenue of $8.6 billion USD. It's latest operating system and line of devices -- BlackBerry 10 (BB10) -- had largely flopped as well.

To make matters worse, fewer than half as many BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (BES) were in use as there were three years previous, and market capitalization had fallen from $83 billion USD in mid-2008 to a mere $3 billion USD late last year. 

Overall, BlackBerry devices represented less than 1 percent of global smartphone shipped in the final quarter of last year.

But Chen remains positive and is looking to turn his company around. Chen -- BlackBerry's third CEO in just two years -- said he will focus on the enterprise once again, which is what BlackBerry has traditionally done best. 

Source: TmoNews

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RE: Chen
By DanNeely on 3/5/2014 1:09:41 PM , Rating: 0
The 15x jump in tradeins means it was mostly people who didn't really care what their phone was. Most of them probably got sweet talked into buying a smart phone 3 or 4 years ago and after the novelty wore off ended up mostly using it just like their old flip-phone. At which point it was a case of if it's not broke don't fix it until a sufficiently huge bribe prodded them into doing something.

RE: Chen
By retrospooty on 3/5/14, Rating: 0
RE: Chen
By dgingerich on 3/5/2014 2:57:29 PM , Rating: 2
That would be conceivable, except for the fact that blackberries were horribly unstable and horribly difficult to fix. I know this from supporting them in IT for several years. I hated them back then, and I still do now. I don't think there is a single BB that classifies as "if it's not broke don't fix it."

RE: Chen
By Nutzo on 3/6/2014 11:16:46 AM , Rating: 2
unstable and horribly difficult to fix.

That sounds more like my current users who bought iPhones. Someone always seems to have broken a screen, or a flaky phone that isn't recieving email or won't charge.

6 years ago I had around 2 dozen Blackberry users in the office, and the biggest problem we had was with the phone falling out of the plastic belt clip and landing in the water.

I now have one Blackberry user that decided to stick with a Blackberry because they liked having a physical keyboard.

I had a blackberry until 2 years ago, before finally switching to Android. Never had any serious problems with the Blackberry over 3 years of heavy use. So far my S3 seems to be holding up, I just wish I would get 3+ days of battery life like my Blackberry did.

RE: Chen
By Omega215D on 3/7/2014 2:11:27 AM , Rating: 3
If you don't mind the larger size then you could always get a Droid MAXX if you are on Verizon, a Galaxy S4/ Note 2 or 3 if you're on another carrier. The Motorola phones are really good quality and have been very reliable for me.

I've never really had a problem with any of the Blackberries that I've owned except for the slow browsing and tiny displays. The Storm was THE worst phone I've ever bought though.

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