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Ellen crashes Twitter thanks to a gaggle of friends and some crafty product placement

The Star Wars Trilogy was playing last night on Spike TV, but apparently some awards ceremony called the Oscars was also playing at the same time. And as host of the Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres naturally commingled with the audience that was full of Oscar hopefuls.
Early in the show, Ellen took the opportunity to whip out a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone to take a selfie with a virtual Who’s Who in Hollywood including Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, and Kevin Spacey.

But, that’s no big deal, right? Celebrities pat themselves on the back all the time. However, once Ellen posted the image to Twitter to share with her nearly 27 million followers, the “selfie” took on a life of its own. The photo seen around the world was enough to crash Twitter for roughly 20 minutes (to which Twitter apologized).

As of this hour, the photo has been retweeted 2.5 million times, setting a new record. The previous record hold was a photo of Michelle and Barack Obama after the President won reelection in 2012. That photo garnered only 781,000 retweets.

Sources: Twitter, NPR

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RE: One of the best moment
By JediJeb on 3/4/2014 10:50:32 AM , Rating: 2
It doesn't matter where the flag originated, because in the end, it represented the South in the Civil War, which was more than anything about slavery.

Slavery was a secondary issue in the Civil War. The Civil War began over States Rights versus Federal Rights. Slavery was not just an American problem, it was and still is a Global problem. There are still millions of slaves in the world, they just aren't mostly coming from captured African peoples being put to work on plantations. Slavery existed even before the ancient Egyptian culture. Even if the South had won the Civil War I doubt you would see slavery there today since technology would have made it too expensive to own slaves versus using machines to do the work. By the late 1800s even McCormick's Reaper would have started to make slavery unprofitable.

So what's your solution to education? Spend less?

Better to spend wisely than to spend more. Schools have become too focused on social engineering and need to return to education as their main focus. Just last week it was reported a school made it "illegal" for kids to share cupcakes with their classmates if they brought them in their lunch. The fact that the kids display a sharing attitude to me vastly outweighs the fact that what is being shared is a cupcake. Instead of instilling an attitude of cooperation and friendship between the children, rules like this tell them it is better to be selfish and keep their selfless attitudes to themselves. No wonder we have a generation of self absorbed, unfocused kids coming into the workplace now.

Teach kids to read and write, to do math and science, to learn about their history, and to learn the Constitution and how government works so that they know they can influence how this nation governs itself instead of believing that government is some kind of supernatural all knowing entity that knows what is best for them. They need to realize that government is just people, people just like them who actually learned enough about it to be involved in it for good or bad reasons.

You are disconnecting yourself far too much from what religion is to believe the world Marriage isn't universal, because it is.

The result is a conflict within Christian denominations, particularly between conservative (ie Evangelical) and progressive (ie Episcopal) where the latter will marry gays under Christianity, violating the Evangelical's beliefs.

My argument was in direct concern to religious freedom. If a homosexual couple wants to be married under their faith, then no other church, even those based off the same beliefs, should intervene. The Catholic church is caught in the middle with many gay followers that can't 'officially' be married under Catholicism, although many priests are doing it.

Since Christ himself stated that marriage was a union between one man and one woman and had been since the beginning, those that do not follow that are not holding to their title of "Christian" since that term means a follower of Christ's teaching. It is like saying that you believe in capitalism, big business, small government, self governance and personal freedom and calling yourself a Socialist or Fascist or Communist. The belief and title just do not go together.

Marriage has existed outside of Christianity, and follows different rules depending on the culture, but if you want to follow different rules, you must claim to be a follower of that culture that accepts the rules you want to follow.

Since marriage is tied to Religion, then according to the separation of church and state, government should have no dealings with marriage, therefore they should offer no benefits of any kind based on marital status. Allow the definition of marriage to fall under the churches/religious associations and respect each of their beliefs. No forcing one to accept the others rules. No forcing conservative Christians to accept homosexual marriages and no forcing religions that believe in polygamy into accepting monogamy. The government should not care if someone has five wives as long as there is no benefit from the government related to that fact. No filing taxes jointly, no deductions for number of children, no rules on divorce(let it be handled by their faith leaders).

Either we accept all definitions of marriage or we accept the original, once words begin to be redefined on a constant basis they lose their meaning entirely.

As for an earlier mention of legalizing drugs, no, just no, our country is full of enough deadbeats and brain dead people already we don't need to create more.

"When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." -- Sony BMG attorney Jennifer Pariser

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