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German newspaper Bild am Sonntag said that the NSA is currently spying on about 320 politicians and business leaders in Germany

U.S. President Barack Obama stopped the National Security Agency's (NSA) spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel, but a German newspaper claims that the NSA is still keeping a close watch on top German government officials. 
According to Reuters, German newspaper Bild am Sonntag said that the NSA is currently spying on about 320 politicians and business leaders in Germany, including Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, a close confidant of Merkel.
Bild am Sonntag said its information came from a high-ranking NSA employee in Germany, who chose to remain anonymous. 
"We have had the order not to miss out on any information now that we are no longer able to monitor the chancellor's communication directly," said the NSA employee, according to Bild am Sonntag.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Obama [SOURCE: Truth Frequency Radio]

Berlin has been looking to make a "no-spy" deal with Washington, and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is due to visit the U.S. on Thursday for that purpose. 

In October 2013, German magazine Der Spiegel reported that the U.S. had tapped Chancellor Merkel phone for years, and spied on 34 other world leaders as well. This led one German politician to call for a complete halt on trade negotiations between the European Union and the U.S.

But Obama attempted to calm the situation in January when he ordered the NSA to stop spying on the leaders of U.S.-allied nations.

Sources: Reuters, The Hill

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RE: >.<
By Decom on 2/25/2014 1:21:34 PM , Rating: 2
Uhhh no. He publicly pretended he knew nothing about it, and pushed all blame on someone else. Standard Obama deflection strategy. "I didn't know, I'm as shocked as you! Those guys suck!"

While privately he tells the NSA to keep up the good work...

That's what I suggested, that they were on the down low for a while, once things blow over it will be back to normal operations.

This idiotic idea that the President of the United States has NO power over the NSA is absolute BS! Stop watching MSNBC or whatever is shoveling this nonsense to you.

The President has power , it's just political grandstanding in telling them to scale back their activities.
He's probably more pissed for them getting caught.
I also don't know why you pull the "stop watching MSNBC" B$ as I'm not American and get my news from a variety of sources.

LMAO you're joking right? When nearly EVERY news station, newspaper, and media outlet is doing it's best to minimize this controversy, repeat Obama's lies and excuses without question, and are just trying to make this go away.

People can't be outraged when they don't know the truth!

And bang, you've hit the nail on the head right there.

Most of the US populace choose to not be informed or to get their news from reputable sources, I'd say a very large proportion of the country haven't an iota what is going on in Washington, on both sides of the political spectrum. Greed has corrupted your country's governance and the rest of the world is paying a mighty high price for the United States inability to self govern with any semblance of reason or sense.

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