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Xbox One February update now avialble

If you are an Xbox One owner, the February update should now be available for your console (the update started rolling out last Friday). Microsoft says that the console now checks for updates automatically when it is turned off for users that use the “Instant On” function.
The update brings with it new features like the ability to see and manage the storage space on the internal hard drive. The update also allows the user to control the install lineup and mange the download queue.
The full list of improvements in the update include:
  • Ability to delete game and application save data
  • Improved installation and DLC management
  • Improved UI for accessing friends, achievements, messages, and party chat
  • Game DVR app to be included in the Xbox OneGuide as an app channel
  • Update to the boot progress indicators for system update
  • Improve consistency of UX for update & install progress
  • Separate game, application, and install queue lists
  • Addition of USB keyboard support
  • Improved NAT detection
  • Network Troubleshooter improvements
  • Blu-ray quality improvements
  • Significant performance and stability improvements
Microsoft is committed to providing continual updates for the Xbox One, just as it did with its predecessor.

Source: Major Nelson

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RE: Any fix for...
By nikon133 on 2/17/2014 3:59:37 PM , Rating: 2
I think it's reasonable to expect that current gaming hardware is capable of handling 1080p resolution with relative ease.

My PC has aging ATI 6870 card, and I can still play all games in 1080p. I cannot do AA in new(er) games, and because of only 1GB of RAM, I cannot go for highest textures... but outside of that, I can get pretty much every other eye-candy.

To my knowledge, PS4 graphics are somewhere between ATI 7850 and 7870. Quick googling shows that this combination is, depending on scenario, up to 40% faster than my card. Important thing is that it never dips below my card's performance, and with 8GB of GDDR5, it can easily get 2GB or more for video, removing textures limitation I'm having.

So basically, I expect that it will be able to drive everything in 1080p with good details and no AA (or even with AA in some scenarios) while keeping comfortable framerate.

XBO graphics should be based on ATI 7770 - 7790. 7790 with 1GB GDDR5 is 10% slower than 6870 in Crysis Warhead, for example. But this is 7790 with GDDR5. Reduce performance to somewhere between 7770 and 7790, and cripple memory bandwidth to DDR3 levels, and you will get graphics that just isn't comfortably in 1080p zone... and this is on console's release. In 2 years time, it will be very, very obsolete. And it should last for good 6 years or more.

RE: Any fix for...
By retrospooty on 2/17/2014 4:31:50 PM , Rating: 2
Exactly... The lack of ability to perform at 1920x1080 is going to bite it. These things are supposed to last 5-7 years. Imagine still gaming at 1280x720 on an XBO in the year 2020... [Cringe]

"Vista runs on Atom ... It's just no one uses it". -- Intel CEO Paul Otellini
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