Lenovo remains committed to the deal despite Woodside's departure

Late in January of 2014, Google announced that it was selling off Motorola Mobility to Lenovo and taking a massive loss. The search giant did, however, get to keep the patents that were part of its Motorola Mobility purchase in the Lenovo deal.
As the deal nears completion, the CEO of Motorola Mobility, Dennis Woodside, is moving on to become CEO of Dropbox. Taking over the vacated CEO spot at Motorola Mobility will be Jonathan Rosenberg, the former head of product management at Google.
"We are aware of this change, but we are absolutely committed to this acquisition, and remain completely confident in the Google and Motorola leadership team," a Lenovo spokesman said in an email to Reuters.

Dennis Woodside
Dropbox has been around for six years and is expected to go public this year. The company recently received $250 million in funding in January, valuing the company at $10 billion.
It was reported back in 2011 that Steve Jobs offered to purchase Dropbox for a “nine-digit” figure in late 2009. When Dropbox founder Drew Houston rejected the offer, Jobs told him that Dropbox was “a feature, not a product.” Jobs went on to introduce iCloud in 2011 and in typical Jobs fashion dismissed Dropbox as an inferior service.

Source: Reuters

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