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But his new policy complicates that idea

The U.S. government is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to an American citizen who is plotting attacks against other Americans from overseas. 
According to ABC News, the American citizen is now a member of al-Qaeda. The Obama administration wants to solve the problem by killing him with a drone strike, but there are some complications that come with that idea.
First of all, the CIA drones, which have been keeping an eye on him, can't complete the objective because he's a U.S. citizen and the Justice Department must have a case against him in order to do so. But there currently is no case. 
Further complicating the task is the fact that he is in a country that refuses U.S. military action on its soil. 
Furthermore, President Barack Obama's new policy says American suspected terrorists overseas can only be killed by the military -- not the CIA. 
Obama's new guidelines, which were laid out last year in a speech, say that lethal force must only be used "to prevent or stop attacks against U.S. persons, and even then, only when capture is not feasible and no other reasonable alternatives exist to address the threat effectively." In addition, the person must also pose "a continuing, imminent threat to U.S. persons."

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This puts some decision-making troubles on the U.S. Department of Defense's (DOD) plate. It's currently deciding whether the man is dangerous enough to justify killing an American without charging him with a crime or trying him. It also has to consider the potential international repercussions of launching the drone strike in a country that has been resistant to U.S. action.
The American suspected terrorist has been described as an al-Qaeda facilitator who has been responsible for lethal attacks against U.S. citizens overseas. Reports say he continues to plan attacks against the U.S. citizens using "improvised explosive devices."
The suspected terrorist is protected and in a pretty remote location, which makes any attempts for capture by the U.S. military risky.
Obama came under fire last year for his drone polices. Some Americans felt the killings were unconstitutional, while other Americans defended the President's stance, arguing the Constitution no longer applies when it comes to terrorism.
Meanwhile, the DOD is working on fully autonomous drones that use technologies like facial recognition to kill its targets. For instance, Boeing launched a test flight for its autonomous Phantom Eye drone back in 2012.

Source: ABC News

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RE: Seems odd...
By Ammohunt on 2/10/2014 1:47:58 PM , Rating: 4
Even Traitors are tried before they are executed this is a slippery slope that leads to a dark place.

don't claim to know the right way to make this judgement, but the citizens should really start having a greater say in the "executive" decisions taking place as of late.

This is what congress is for.

RE: Seems odd...
By Etsp on 2/10/2014 2:31:55 PM , Rating: 3
No, congress is there to represent the people. And by people, I mean corporations. (Because they are people too!!!)

RE: Seems odd...
By TSS on 2/11/2014 1:18:08 AM , Rating: 2
Oh THIS is a slippery slope?

How about the thousands of lives already lost to US done strikes?

Oh wait, they're foreigners, their lives are worth nothing to the mighty "police of the world".

How sad it is that the discussion wether to kill or not only flares up when it's a US citizen. Meanwhile when it's non-US citizens the US is even fine with supporting the usage of gas (like how saddam was supported using gas against iran).

I'd say we're long ways past the slippery slope and are now skating around on thin ice.

RE: Seems odd...
By Ammohunt on 2/12/2014 3:31:47 PM , Rating: 2
Know what a combatant is? AKA Enemy? they are fair game in a battlefield and not subject to the US constitution. Their lives were forfeit when they took up arms against the US and their buddies flew planes into the twin towers. Whenever they want to join the civilized world and stop acting likes savages then and only then will their lives be worth sparing.

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