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Sites that don't have inappropriate content are being filtered now

Back in December, we mentioned that some overzealous pornography filters in the UK that were meant to keep kids from seeing pornographic materials were flagging some legitimate and non-porn related sites. Specifically, the filters were blocking a number of sites for charities and sex education in the filter.
The UK government is trying to unblock these legitimate sites with the creation of a website whitelist. Many of the sites on the list are run by charities that want to educate kids about health, sex, and drug addiction.
The government wants to set up a system that will let any website that thinks it is being blocked wrongly to tell the ISP their story and perhaps be added to the whitelist.

"Research suggests the amount of inadvertent blocking is low," said David Miles, who chairs the working group on over-blocking for the government's UK Council for Child Internet Safety.
Miles has been working with research on accidental blocking by the filters and visiting the charities to determine how to get the filters to block pornographic material without blocking the legitimate sites.
The list will be shared with ISPs that run the network level filters to ensure these sites are viewable. 

Source: BBC

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RE: This will never work
By sorry dog on 1/31/2014 11:21:33 AM , Rating: 3
Ain't that the truth.

If the filter is based on domains, how you manage a domain with a large amount and diverse content? Block it all it seems. But now you have started to reduce the functionality of that connection to the Internet. Once I have been blocked from just a few legitimate sites, I will be frustrated enough to look for ways around it like VPN or something.

This whole idea is so stupid it makes you wonder about kickback deals for companies that contracted to do the filtering.

RE: This will never work
By roykahn on 2/1/2014 2:09:43 AM , Rating: 2
This whole idea is so stupid it makes you wonder about kickback deals for companies that contracted to do the filtering.

Bingo! Follow the money trail from politicians to these companies. I seem to recall a certain world super-power having a large percentage of its "defense" spending going to no-bid contracts. Furthermore, anyone who dares blow the whistle on such waste can expect to be prosecuted for treason, aiding the enemy, allowing the terrorists to win, etc.

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