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Best Buy offers $400 off original Surface Pro

It wasn't necessarily the hardware that made the original Microsoft Surface Pro so unattractive to buyers; it was most likely the hefty price tag. If you have had a secret urge to get your hands on an original Surface Pro, this may the time.
Best Buy has announced a smoking deal on new 128GB Surface Pro tablets. The machine is up for sale at a $400 discount (from its current MSRP) making the tablet $499.99. That is half the price the tablet went for when it originally launched at $999.99.
The entry-level Surface Pro 2 tablet goes for $899.

The original Surface Pro has a 10.6-inch screen, integrated kickstand, supports pen input, and has built-in Wi-Fi. It also features Bluetooth and a memory card slot for storage expansion. The Surface Pro also offers front and rear cameras, but you don't get the slick keyboard accessory at this price.
It doesn't have the same sort of performance as the Surface Pro 2 offers with its updated Core i5 processor (or the 50% longer battery life), but the original tablet will get the job done at a much lower price for most people. 
The special deal at Best Buy makes a new Surface Pro 128GB tablet cheaper than some of the refurbished offerings available now. There is no indication of how long the new price will last.

Source: Best Buy

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RE: Garbage
By Reclaimer77 on 2/1/2014 10:53:11 PM , Rating: 0
If you're just looking for a tablet, pfft. 500$ Surface is hard to beat.

People don't pay $500 for tablets anymore, aside from an ever-decreasing number of iPad buyers.

The Surface is forced to compete with $200-300 tablets. Who wants to pay $500 for a tablet that's obsolete barely a year later? Probably why Microsoft's tablet marketshare is around 0.7%.

RE: Garbage
By Manch on 2/2/2014 5:59:59 AM , Rating: 2
They dont? because they sure do like selling them in that price range.

But this tablet has an i5 in it. It will beat the doors off an IPAD or a Samsung.

Obsolete? Come-on Son! This thing has more staying power than any ARM tablet. This is Ultrabook guts in a tablet form. A UI update wont render this thing unusable(ahem Apple!). You throw out your windows laptops every year because they're obsolete?

AT 1K, as much as I like the form factor, it's too much for me. At 500$, it's very much an outlier and Im all over it.

People have been clamoring for baytrail tablets that run full windows instead of crappy RT in the 20-500$ range. MS gave us Surface 2 with a tegra 4. Everyone else responded. I myself picked up a dell venue 8 pro for 229$. There are several baytrail tablets that costs 500$. If I have to choose between baytrail, and an I5, not really a choice. i5!

RE: Garbage
By Reclaimer77 on 2/2/2014 6:56:55 AM , Rating: 1
Where in my post did you interpret I was speaking about the Surface 2 Pro. That is NOT a "$500 tablet", it's a $900 PC!

Your Cnet list is bereft of hard sales figures. If it weren't, you would see aside from Apple, hardly anyone is selling $500 tablets successfully.

The Surface Pro is NOT a tablet, it's a PC...

RE: Garbage
By Manch on 2/2/2014 7:34:07 AM , Rating: 3
I didn't. The original Surface Pro is 500$. My reference to Surface 2 was the tegra 4 RT version that nobody wants. People want either the PRO version or a baytrail tablet in regards to Windows Tablets. @ $500 the Original Surface PRO is a great price.

In my previous post I was clearly talking about the Original PRO, which is what the article is about FYI.

So now the Surface isnt a tablet, it's a PC? Splitting hairs are we? Obviously its a convergence device meant for dual use. AS A TABLET with that feature set the ORIGINAL SURFACE PRO for 500$ is a great price. As a hybrid ultrabook/tablet it's a great price.

Well a $500 Notebook PC sans keyboard that closely resembles a tablet in form factor with those specs vs other real 10" tablets is a great buy.

Does that work for you?

RE: Garbage
By Reclaimer77 on 2/2/2014 11:11:40 AM , Rating: 1
@ $500 the Original Surface PRO is a great price.

If it launched at $500, like it probably should, I would agree.

But today? Meah, it's already obsolete. The battery life alone makes it a suspect buy. And in a few months, Microsoft will probably be forced to drop the Surface 2 Pro down to ~$600'ish anyway.

It's like the HP Touchpad fire sale. Everyone ran out and bought a dead-end POS just because it was cheap.

Yes it has an i5 and is a full fledged PC, but if the total package isn't impressive, who cares?

Regardless of hardware, Microsoft App Store is still an unmitigated disaster. There's virtually no development and is still years behind everyone else. That's the biggest thing holding the whole Surface thing back.

So now the Surface isnt a tablet, it's a PC? Splitting hairs are we?

No, I think it's important we strictly classify devices. The Surface RT is a tablet. The Surface Pro is a PC. Why? Because it is x86 and runs x86 code/programs.

Well a $500 Notebook PC sans keyboard that closely resembles a tablet in form factor with those specs vs other real 10" tablets is a great buy.

Does that work for you?

hehe okay, works for me :)

RE: Garbage
By Manch on 2/2/2014 12:17:37 PM , Rating: 2
Physical dimensions between the Pro & Pro 2 are identical. The ivy bridge i5 isnt that much slower than the Haswell in the Pro 2. I agree the battery life is pretty short @ 4-6 hrs for a tablet but since its not :D then its not so bad. at least for me it's not a big deal and i dont think it's a deal killer. Power cover will come out soon and alleviate that concern. The sites that have previewed it says you get roughly 60% more life with that cover so about 6.5-9.5hrs Calling it obsolete though? Are the 2013 Mac Book Air 11's Obsolete? Come on Son!

I agree they were def too expensive when they launched. MS should have treated it like they did the console and taken a hit just to get them into the wild. that would have been the smarter move. And at least include the damn touch cover!

As far as HP goes, the combination of hardware and dead end OS is what killed it. MS may not have the app store ecosystem that Android and Apple do but they have the entire x86 library which s way way better. Plus I have bluestacks which works great. Gives me access to those google apps. Have you used it? If not, try it out.

With an x86 tablet like PC what apps do you not have?

RE: Garbage
By ritualm on 2/2/2014 9:50:07 PM , Rating: 2
HP sank WebOS. The hardware and OS itself would have thrived if it weren't for HP's incompetence in handling its business divisions.

Reclaimer77 is a Google/Android fanboy. This guy has a deep seated hatred over everything MS does. You can't win an argument with him because he frequently changes the subject to "beat" you.

RE: Garbage
By Reclaimer77 on 2/2/2014 11:08:43 PM , Rating: 1
Yes I have such a "deep seeded" hatred for MS I choose to use multiple MS products in my daily life...

RE: Garbage
By w8gaming on 2/6/2014 4:37:35 AM , Rating: 2
I will not be so sure Surface Pro 2 will be have such a sale. Microsoft has to be very inept to manage their hardware production if they could still end up with a large surplus of excess inventory of Surface Pro 2 after they have already been burnt by 1st generation Surface sales. If such a sale actually happens, it will be great news for the buyers for sure. But I really doubt a company is that stupid.

RE: Garbage
By Manch on 2/2/2014 7:38:27 AM , Rating: 2
In 2013 Windows tablets tripled in volume. Still tiny but I wanted to give you the latest info for your Win Tablet bashing. :D

They're up to a measly 2.2% from .7%

"Game reviewers fought each other to write the most glowing coverage possible for the powerhouse Sony, MS systems. Reviewers flipped coins to see who would review the Nintendo Wii. The losers got stuck with the job." -- Andy Marken

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