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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos  (Source: Salon)
More price hikes likely in store for Amazon customers

For those that frequently shop on year round (or even just during the holiday shopping season), Amazon Prime is like a gift from the gods. The service allows customers to get packages delivered to their home with two business days (sometimes even faster if you’re close to an Amazon distribution center), gives users access to a growing digital video library (movies, TV shows, original programming) and special Kindle “lending” perks.
However, it appears that the $79/year Prime membership may be getting a lot more expensive. Citing increased shipping costs; Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak made it clear that the online retail giant is “considering” a price hike for Prime membership.
According to Szkutak, that price increase could be anywhere from $20 to $40, which would put an Amazon Prime membership at $119/year if the bean counters get everything they want.
The writing has been on the wall as Prime has been around at the same $79/year price for nine years, and Amazon recently bumped the free shipping threshold for non-Prime members to $35 (from $25) on orders.
Amazon has also come further under assault from tax collectors in various states, with North Carolina residents becoming the latest to “face the music” when it comes to paying taxes on Amazon purchases.

Source: The Verge

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By AmbroseAthan on 1/31/2014 9:49:55 AM , Rating: 2
As some others have pointed out, this can be very item dependent. Similar to the OP, I will gladly keep paying for Prime for the two-day shipping alone and nothing else.

As an example why it works for me, I'm in NYC without a car, so driving somewhere to buy stuff is not as easy for me. I wanted soundbar for my TV for this weekend's Super Bowl. The soundbar I ended up buying from Prime was $20 more than if I did a non-prime seller. But that $20 guaranteed delivery to my apartment by Wednesday; shipping from the other seller was $70 to guarantee it by Friday! Even buying it here in NYC was the same price, plus tax and the cab ride home. Similarly, I bought my dishes from Amazon which is what made me join Prime a couple of years ago. It was going to be $50 for standard shipping (5-8 days) on them until I joined Prime, than 2-day was free.

Personally, I now buy almost everything online from Prime and it shows up two days later, or the next day for $3.99. There are very few items I have found which are not prime eligible. You just have to make sure if you have a Prime membership you are buying the Prime eligible items/version.

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