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$1 billion of that came from December alone

Apple boasted 2013 as "the best year ever" in terms of App Store sales and downloads with over $10 billion in purchases total for the year. 

According to an Apple press release, customers spent $1 billion in the App Store for December 2013 alone. During that month, customers downloaded nearly 3 billion apps, marking a successful holiday season for the tech giant. 
“We’d like to thank our customers for making 2013 the best year ever for the App Store,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. “The lineup of apps for the holiday season was astonishing and we look forward to seeing what developers create in 2014.”

Apple added that developers of iOS apps have now made $15 billion from the App Store. 

The App Store now offers over 1 million apps total for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in 155 countries. 

Source: Apple

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RE: note
By superstition on 1/8/2014 11:02:16 AM , Rating: 2
I guess that's the sort of post they're stuck with when the APPLE IS DOOOOOOMED! posts aren't working.

Frankly, though, the whole Mac vs. PC religious war has been rendered completely Victorian with the Snowden revelations. The real war is between those who value their individuality and the the government desire to have total dominance.

That's not such a new thing, of course. The government doctored photos and wrote up propaganda with fake data to get the plebs to settle the dust bowl. It's not like the government was the one that suffered from breathing in the dust and starvation. The government poisoned alcohol with methanol and then bootleggers ended up being called our quasi-royal family.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007
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