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IBUYPOWER's SteamOS-only machine will retail for $499

IBUYPOWER is spreading its wings a bit at this year’s CES with the launch of its SBX Steam Machine. The company makes its very clear that this is NOT a PC, but instead a SteamOS-only machine with an eye for bringing entertainment to the living room.
“We wanted to really show the world that the power of desktop gaming machine can be experienced in the living room in a totally seamless way,” said Darren Su, Co-founder and VP of iBUYPOWER. “All preconceptions of what entertainment in the living room should and can be, are out the door.”

The LED lighting is configurable via an iOS/Android app

The SBX will be available with multi-core processors from AMD and Intel. However, the machine demonstrated today at CES came equipped with a quad-core AMD Athlon X4 740 processor paired with 4GB of RAM and an AMD Radeon R7 250 GPU (1GB).
Priced at $499, you’ll also receive a 500GB hard drive along with a Steam Controller and an HDMI cable.

Steam Controller
A Steam controller will be included

The SBX will be available in either black or white; both of which have color configurable LEDs bisecting the top and bottom halves of the console. The lighting will be controllable via an app for iOS- or Android-based devices.
The SBX is scheduled to launch in Q2 2014.

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RE: I just want the controller
By Breakfast Susej on 1/7/2014 11:51:54 AM , Rating: 3
I think the point is to continually chip away at Windows dependency until Microsoft is no longer the center of the PC gaming universe.

Windows 8 and Microsofts current direction seems to have really struck a nerve with valve, and they seem to be on a mission to end the era of Windows gaming dominance. More power to them, but honestly it's a long road that may be pretty rough.

I have to assume that Valve sees it that the writing is on the wall with Windows becoming a walled garden and forcing everyone down the metro with app store path. Eventually abandoning the desktop interface all together with the metro interface becoming all there is. Whether this will actually happen or not, I have my doubts. The consumers seem to be rejecting Metro pretty resoundingly.

Either way, It's interesting. And I'm really excited to see a company like valve throw their influence behind Linux like this.

RE: I just want the controller
By Labotomizer on 1/7/2014 1:33:27 PM , Rating: 2
I understand why they're interested in Linux. And while them using Linux as the foundation for SteamOS is certainly helpful to a more open platform for gaming I believe that pushing OpenGL will pay off even more. DirectX has become stale due to the lack of any real competition. Developers don't really want to go back to writing to the hardware. So major improvements to OpenGL will help Linux and Mac gaming, runs on Windows just fine and will force advancements in DirectX. Everyone wins in that scenario.

RE: I just want the controller
By someguy123 on 1/7/2014 3:29:21 PM , Rating: 2
DirectX has been at parity with opengl for a while now. The practical performance difference is negligible. The only real benefit is faster drawcalls on opengl (limited to nvapi mostly thanks to AMD's poor opengl support), but it's not a substantial difference. The only real platform with a huge api benefit over directx/opengl are consoles, which would be difficult to accomplish on a PC due to security issues surrounding direct low level hardware access on such an open platform.

RE: I just want the controller
By flatrock on 1/7/2014 4:58:37 PM , Rating: 2
I understand the advantage for Valve. I don't see the advantages to consumers.

It's basically PC hardware at a PC price. It's slightly cheaper because of the OS, you are giving up an awfully lot of flexibility and game selection to avoid paying MS around $100 or less for the OS.

If you are going to spend the money on PC hardware, why settle for a gaming specific box with a limited software library. Doesn't make sense to me.

I guess if you want the simplicity of a console (assuming Steam OS offers that), and don't want to pay a monthly fee, it may make sense. They had better get some top tier titles available for it soon if they want to succeed.

"Nowadays you can buy a CPU cheaper than the CPU fan." -- Unnamed AMD executive
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