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He said gamers will see changes in the operating system

A Microsoft executive recently said that gamers could expect the Xbox One to change and improve over time the way the Xbox 360 did, likely hoping that this will encourage more customers to buy the console. 
According to, Microsoft’s director of programming for Xbox Live, Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson), said that the company is committed to improving Xbox One's operating system to make it increasingly user-friendly.
“If you look back at the Xbox 360′s launch, what it was in 2005 when it launched is completely different from what it is now," said Hryb. "It’s fascinating to see the different things that have come along. Things iterated. We didn’t even have things like the party system or the ability to support external storage when we launched the Xbox 360. So we are absolutely committed to adding new features to the Xbox One over the course of its life span."
Some aspects of the Xbox One's OS is more difficult than they should be, such as pinning favorite applications or finding out how full the Xbox One’s hard drive is. There have also been complaints about the Kinect's voice commands being too challenging to remember. 
Hryb went on to say that Microsoft is paying close attention to what gamers want via feedback, which can be found on sites like

Larry Hryb [SOURCE:]

“When we look back and look at what we’ve done, we want to continue to adapt the system to what gamers want," said Hryb. "The team that works on Xbox are gamers themselves. We want to build the system that we use and that we know gamers would enjoy using.
“We’re going to continue to refine the system and make it what the Xbox fans are expecting and what they want. We’re listening to the feedback every single day. I’ve already seen some changes in the operating system internally with what we’re building.”
The Xbox One console has had a pretty rough start. Before it even launched in November 2013, Microsoft announced a used games ban (which allowed third-party publishers to ban used Xbox One games) and the new "always-on" digital rights management (DRM) system. Microsoft later retracted these features after major complaints from the gaming community.
Xbox One has also been criticized for its price, which is $100 more than the PlayStation 4s (and that's largely because Kinect 2.0 is bundled in with the console, and not many gamers were happy about that as well).


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RE: Translation
By lexluthermiester on 1/10/2014 2:28:56 PM , Rating: 2
Aren't you teenagers tired of arguing about this?

I've been using, working on and playing games on PC's and game systems since before you were born. While some of these arguments are a bit juvenile, most are valid from the point of view that they compare the hardware specs and implementation in software that shows the sometimes serious differences in gaming experiences. The whole point of these arguments is to share information about which systems run games best and has a better user experience. I have or have played on all three current generation systems. My fav? WiiU. Why? It has all of the games I want to play and all without Nintendo sticking their nose into my personal life. PS4 follows closely and for similar reasons. Microsoft has the second weaker system of the three, spec-wise, and yet they have nothing to offer over the WiiU. Nothing. Out of the 10 gamers in my circle of friends only 2 bought an xbone. And both are regretting the purchase. One has gone out and bought a PS4 and the other a WiiU. We all have PC's.

Let's take Mass Effect 3, shall we? A well equipped pc runs it flawlessly. WiiU? A very well done version. Not quite as nice as a high-end pc, but still good, in 1080p, with good frame-rates and strong controller response. The 360 and PS3 versions? Not quite as nice. The PS3 version suffered from laggy controller response and the 360 frame-tearing[something that should NEVER happen on a console]. Now let's think about the same game on xbone and PS4. Both have plausibly competent hardware specs, yet the the PS4 is very clearly ahead. Both could easily run it at 1080p and look as good as or better than the WiiU[if they release ME3 for xbone or PS4]. Yet with only 3 cores the WiiU is running all of it's games in 1080p. I haven't played one game yet that runs at lower resolution. Not one. So why is it that xbone is running most of it's games[at least the ones that I've seen] in 720p? It has more theoretical power, so why? That answer is simple. Too many bottlenecks designed into the hardware and software of the xbone. Even though Sony used similar hardware, they designed it for lean, clean operation with very little running in the background while a game is running. WiiU has similarly efficient design which allows it to do more with less. Microsoft over-designed the cluttered, ugly mess that is it's UI and leaves too much software running in the background while it tries to play games. The PS4 and WiiU do not suffer this problem. They both run lean and clean. This makes the both of them much better choices over the xbone.

Buy the freaking system you want, shut up, and just play games.

People who use reason and logic, do their homework and think for themselves before they buy, will find themselves feeling much better about a purchase. Microsoft "fanboi's" are very similar to Apple freaks, they tend to buy whatever is shown to them without using their brains for anything more than a seat cushion, all because of a perceived[and often misconstrued] "cool" factor.

"Death Is Very Likely The Single Best Invention Of Life" -- Steve Jobs

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