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Samsung isn't saying when it'll be released or for how much yet

Samsung introduced its Android-powered Galaxy Camera 2 today, which bears many of the same qualities as its predecessor, but reportedly takes a better picture overall. 

According to a Samsung press release, Galaxy Camera 2 got a bit of a makeover style-wise (compared to the original Galaxy Camera) and has some new features onboard. It's expected to make an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week. 

The Galaxy Camera 2 carries many of the same features as the original Galaxy Camera, such as a 16-megapixel (MP) resolution, a 1/2.33-inch sensor size, 21x zoom range, up to 3200 ISO, 1080p video, and film slow motion at 120FPS.

But one of the biggest changes from the original model is a new image processing system that's supposed to produce better photos overall. Also, it has plenty of new shooting modes (28 smart scene modes total) and Internet-connected for quick photo sharing on social networks. This is definitely a smart move, considering mid-range camera makers like Panasonic, Fujifilm and Olympus are all hurting due to a lack of connectivity in their mirrorless camera models

In addition, the new camera sports a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 2000mAh battery that is expected to last more than 350 shots, Android 4.3, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and NFC. 

The Galaxy Camera 2 has a different look than the original, with a faux-leather look instead of the first-generation's smooth white and black curves. The new guy on the block is also a little larger than the original with a 4.8-inch touchscreen. 

"Consumers love the Galaxy Camera, and this next-generation version was designed to improve on the successful predecessor, with upgraded and new features that will enhance the photography experience," said Myoung Sup Han, Executive Vice President and Head of the Imaging Business Team at Samsung Electronics. "The result is a more powerful and portable device which continues to embrace the public's passion for the social features of smartphones, yet also provides superior image control and quality. We are dedicated to making it easier for more people to achieve great results and with the Galaxy Camera 2's host of creative features, anyone can capture stand out images." 

Samsung isn't saying when it'll be released or for how much yet. 

Samsung has certainly placed extra focus on camera quality when it comes to the Galaxy line. Last June, the company unveiled the Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone with 10x optical zoom. It's a full-featured Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Galaxy smartphone with a 16 MP point-and-shoot camera. 

Source: Samsung

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Dear Samsung
By carniver on 1/3/2014 12:23:55 PM , Rating: 2
Please stop releasing new products every 3 months and strive to improve your existing products through software. You can only screw your existing customers this many times before they realize they were suckers.

RE: Dear Samsung
By SPOOFE on 1/5/2014 7:54:13 PM , Rating: 2
I don't think it's "screwing customers" to constantly release new models. It's not like old cameras suddenly go bad. They're just screwing themselves by lacking a clean product line, but it's a mature market so they're relying on gimmicks to get attention.

It's never bad for customers to have a lot of options and regular product releases. If nothing else, it just drives down the price of older models.

"I mean, if you wanna break down someone's door, why don't you start with AT&T, for God sakes? They make your amazing phone unusable as a phone!" -- Jon Stewart on Apple and the iPhone

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