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Atlanta wants people to stop peeing in its elevators

Atlanta has an odorific problem with people urinating in the elevators used in the city train stations. Some people describe the smell of the elevators as akin to a Porta-John that you might see at an outdoor concert.
"The smell hits you so bad. You hold your breath just to hurry up and get off the elevator," said Alicia Porter, a rider on a Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) train.
To help stop people from urinating in the elevators, MARTA has installed a urine detection system in the elevators. That system includes sensors that are able to detect urine and a camera to catch the offender literally with their pants down.
The sensors alert MARTA police who are able to respond immediately and catch the offender in the act. The transit system currently has 111 elevators, and one offender has already been caught.
While the efforts to catch habitual urinators are admirable, the system doesn’t come cheap. The urine detection system reportedly costs about $10,000 per elevator.

Sources: WSBTV, Wired

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RE: You're Sh*tting Me!
By boeush on 12/27/2013 9:25:59 PM , Rating: 0
No I was talking about the majority.
Oh, I see. So in whatever hellhole you call home, the majority of public transport users are "low life riffraff" who are the kind of person that pees in elevators. My condolences, and perhaps you should consider relocation to some place more civilized.

Or just maybe, you've never actually used public transport, and have not the first clue despite feeling entitled to an opinion? In that case, my condolences and let's hope life never forces you to eat humble pie (for she can be a real bitch at times.)

Or perhaps, you're one of those entitled, spoiled brats who think anyone worth less than a $million is scum unworthy of being blessed by your glorious proximity. If so, my condolences, and may the new year swell the heap of unfortunates beneath your gilded heel...

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