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Piracy is not a business model Microsoft says

In an effort to crack down on software piracy, Microsoft this week filed 26 lawsuits against resellers, alleging that many of them sell pirated versions of Windows and other Microsoft software. Microsoft filed the suit across several states and said that it found unlicensed software on many computer systems.

Mary Jo Schrade, a senior attorney at Microsoft said that "our message should be made very clear by today's lawsuits. We are committed to finding the unscrupulous dealers of pirated software and making piracy a business model that doesn't work."

According to reports, Microsoft gathered evidence by purchasing computer systems from various resellers under a secret identity. Microsoft said that it then tests the systems for unlicensed software. Microsoft did not mention which resellers were part of its crackdown.

In recent anti-piracy news, Microsoft was forced to do a double take on its Windows Genuine Advantage program. After its last major release, so many users complained that WGA performed calls back to Microsoft servers without first informing users of its actions. Microsoft was then forced to issue a new version of WGA. Unfortunately, Microsoft ended up receiving lawsuits over WGA anyway.

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Good to see
By GreenEnvt on 7/18/2006 2:01:43 PM , Rating: 2
Good to see that Microsoft is going after the people selling this illegal software, not the users who end up with it.

RE: Good to see
By TomZ on 7/18/2006 2:19:06 PM , Rating: 2
Good to see that Microsoft is going after the people selling this illegal software, not the users who end up with it.

Microsoft has put out a lot of rhetoric towards small business customers warning them about these unscrupulous dealers. But probably in the end it would be much harder to win a conviction against an end user or company that purchased software licenses from such a dealer, not knowing that they were not legal. But such a purchaser might, in the end, have to purchase new licenses to replace the tainted ones.

RE: Good to see
By Master Kenobi on 7/18/2006 11:06:30 PM , Rating: 2
Microsoft also isn't stupid. Why file lawsuits against lots of users who bought illegal software. (see RIAA for this clusterf*ck) Instead theyre going after companies which are easier to sue since they don't have to prove they knowingly pirated the windows, they can easily prove they knowingly sold it, and like drugs, buying isnt as bad as dealing. Dealing = your owned.

RE: Good to see
By INeedCache on 7/19/2006 1:35:12 AM , Rating: 1
Thanks Microsoft, for at least making an effort which does help us resellers who are playing by the rules.

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