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Mustang could get diesel power in the future

Ford unveiled the new 2015 Mustang earlier this month and with the unveiling of the new car also came a new engine. The 2015 Mustang will get the fuel-efficient EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine that will generate roughly 305 hp and around 305 lb-ft of torque. It will be the first 4-cylinder turbo Mustang since the SVO version in the Fox body generation of the Pony car.
Ford has yet to offer official mileage estimates for the EcoBoost engine in the 2015 Mustang, but it is expected to be one of the most fuel efficient engines in its class.

However, EcoBoost isn't the only green tech that Ford is considering for the Mustang. Ford has said that it is considering a future for the Mustang that could see diesel power, hybrid, or fully-electric versions of the car. Many high-end supercars – like the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and Porsche 918 Spyder -- are utilizing hybrid systems for fuel efficiency and improved performance.
The new Lexus RC coupe will also be available in a hybrid version.

Traditionally, the Mustang wasn’t a car purchased for its fuel efficiency. The 2015 Mustang is designed from the ground up to be a world car and options such as diesel engine would make the care more appealing
Ford Global powertrain boss Bob Fascetti said, "We’re not looking at diesel at the moment, but given where we need to go with fuel consumption we are looking at all our options, and diesel is one of those options, along with hybrids and electric."

The future for the Mustang will likely see new transmissions as well. Ford and GM are currently working on a joint project to develop new nine and ten-speed automatic transmissions to improve fuel economy. 

Source: Go Auto

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RE: Diggin the new Stang!
By Spuke on 12/9/2013 3:17:37 PM , Rating: 2
Better 0-60 Time!
Well, I was asking Lord because he brought it up. I'll say this, unless the diesel Mustang has the same 400 hp as the gas car AND weighs the same or less, it WILL be slower no matter how much torque it has. Compare the VW Jetta TDI's to the turbo gas car. The turbo gas car is quicker because it has more power (and it's probably lighter too) even though the TDI has more torque. Big torque/low hp is typically indicative of a narrower powerband/less area under the curve. Less area under the curve equals a slower car even if all else is equal.

RE: Diggin the new Stang!
By Flunk on 12/9/2013 4:01:23 PM , Rating: 2
The diesel will not have the same horspower as the V8, it will match the V6 if you're lucky. They'll probably use a 2.0L or 2.2L. I don't think they're doing for performance, but to offer better fuel economy, particularly in Europe.

P.S. My response was more of a joke than anything. But I am serious that 0-60 is a much more important metric than horsepower or torque.

RE: Diggin the new Stang!
By Spuke on 12/10/2013 12:25:32 AM , Rating: 2
The diesel will not have the same horspower as the V8, it will match the V6 if you're lucky.
I'm thinking this also. I usually use the 1/4 mile for acceleration because 0-60 can be misleading somewhat. AWD cars can have stunning 0-60's but be slower in the 1/4 than a higher hp car with the same 0-60.

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