Microsoft says Vista will be the most secure Windows ever

Despite all the interim releases of Windows Vista, Symantec has come out and said in a report that Windows Vista is very likely to be less secure when it ships than Windows XP is today. According to Symantec, it already has discovered many security flaws within Vista that have to do with networking. Symantec says that it's Vista's large chunk of new code that is the problem.

According to the Symantec report, "Microsoft has removed a large body of tried and tested code and replaced it with freshly written code, complete with new corner cases and defects. This may provide for a more stable networking stack in the long term, but stability will suffer in the short term."

Microsoft has been stating that Windows Vista would build on the security that it has been achieving with XP. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Windows Vista's development has been taking a long time. The new operating system will also contain new network stacks that natively support the IPv6 standard.

Microsoft responded to Symantec's report by saying "given that Windows Vista is still in the beta stage of the development and not yet final, the claims made in this report are, at best, premature. And given the extensive work we are doing to make Windows Vista the most secure version of Windows yet, we believe the claims are also unsubstantiated." Symantec said that it provided Microsoft with the report to help.

Symantec said earlier last week that there were no viruses for Apple's OS X.

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