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Camera will only be sold in Japan

Canon has announced its latest digital camera in Japan: the mirrorless EOS M2. The new camera promises fast autofocus thanks to the Hybrid CMOS II sensor that is also used in the EOS 100D and SL1 digital cameras.
The M2 gets a slightly revised body design that is smaller (8 percent smaller by volume) than the previous EOS M. The M2 also gets a redesigned mode dial with a separate position for the Creative group option. The camera also has integrated Wi-Fi and the ability to connect to smartphones running iOS or Android applications. Canon’s smartphone app allows the smart device to be used as a remote control.

The M2 digital camera will be available in black or white bodies.
The will first be made available in Japan, where it will sell for $630 for the body alone or $820 with an EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens.

Source: DP Review

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RE: Not too excited
By bsd228 on 12/3/2013 3:07:05 PM , Rating: 2
They should have added a built-in flash. The benefit of having such a small and compact camera is negated when you're required to lug around a large external flash.

the solution isn't to make the camera less small and compact. A built-in flash would be too close to the lens anyway, so its value would be limited.

Get the 22mm f2 lens and crank up the ISO. Or get that mini flash they released for the M series- it is pretty compact and easy to carry in a pocket.

RE: Not too excited
By ritualm on 12/3/2013 5:02:19 PM , Rating: 2
My Panny GX1's built-in flash is very handy, and I can with some hand control put it into bounced flash to reduce glare.

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