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It should finish testing in about four to five years

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he wanted to use unmanned "Prime Air" drones for small package delivery. 

During a "60 Minutes" interview with CBS correspondent Charlie Rose, Bezos said the company is currently testing unmanned, octocopter drones called "Prime Air" that have the ability to deliver small packages to customers in just 30 minutes.

The speedy delivery system would pick up packages up to five pounds in weight and deliver them directly to customers' homes or businesses. This could be pretty helpful to Amazin, since packages under five pounds represent about 86 percent of packages that Amazon delivers.

Bezos added that the Prime Air drones are only in testing right now, and they need more safety testing and FAA approvals before they can be used regularly. According to Bezos, this should be in about four to five years. 

Check out more info on the drones from Amazon here.

Sources: CBS News, Amazon

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Where is it going to land?
By Schrag4 on 12/2/2013 1:06:10 PM , Rating: 3
Will customers have to paint a landing pad on their driveway? What happens when this damages your car, house, trees, pets, kids, as it descends?

Or will it just deliver it to an Amazon storefront close to the customer? I have so many questions about how this could work.

RE: Where is it going to land?
By Lord 666 on 12/2/2013 6:26:41 PM , Rating: 2
In the Amazon video sequence, they never show what happens to the canister after landing.

The item is put into canister, drone connects to canister and takes off, but when it gets to the guys house, only the package is showed with the canister disappearing.

Still impressive idea. Amazon could get into the courier package business and get rid of those freaky looking bicycle delivery people in the city.

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