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Smartphone sales globally accounted for 55% of all mobile phone sales in Q3

Research firm Gartner has published its latest report outlining the global mobile phone industry for Q3 2013. The report shows that smartphone sales accounted for 55% of the overall mobile phone market globally in Q3 -- the highest ever on record. Globally, 455.6 million mobile phones were sold in Q3 for an increase of 5.7% compared to Q3 of 2012.
The 55% of overall mobile phone sales that smartphones have achieved is the segments highest market share to date.
Gartner predicts that global mobile phone sales for 2013 will reach 1.81 billion units for an increase of 3.4% compared to 2012.

When it comes to smartphone OS share, Android is by far the most dominant player with 81.9% of the market. The next closest players are iOS with 12.1% and Windows Phone with 3.6%. 
Samsung's global market share remained flat during Q3 2013, but it maintained its lead with 32.1% of the global smartphone market compared to Apple's 12.1%. The third-place spot went to Lenovo with 5.1% of the market, while LG and Huawei followed closely with 4.8% and 4.7% of the market respectively.
Lenovo sold 12.9 million smartphones, an increase of 84.5% compared to the same quarter of last year. Apple sold 30.3 million units in Q3 of 2013 for an increase of 23.2% compared to last year.
“While the arrival of the new iPhones 5s and 5c had a positive impact on overall sales, such impact could have been greater had they not started shipping late in the quarter. While we saw some inventory built up for the iPhone 5c, there was good demand for iPhone 5s with stock out in many markets,” said Mr. Gupta.

Source: Gartner

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RE: Ummm
By Argon18 on 11/14/2013 11:10:07 AM , Rating: -1
Funny how the Wintards are suspiciously silent here. Perhaps its because nobody wants a crap OS from Redmond on their phone? Perhaps because nobody wants a copycat me-too Microsoft product? I think so.

Just as Blackberry was once king, but is now irrelevant, so too will be Microsoft, in all markets including desktop...

RE: Ummm
By retrospooty on 11/14/2013 11:43:58 AM , Rating: 5
"Funny how the Wintards are suspiciously silent here. Perhaps its because nobody wants a crap OS from Redmond on their phone?"

Not entirely true... 3.6% of smartphone purchasers in Q3 wanted it. ;)

RE: Ummm
By Cheesew1z69 on 11/14/2013 12:54:55 PM , Rating: 2
It seems he can't read either since the post he replied to said that...

RE: Ummm
By Motoman on 11/14/2013 5:01:21 PM , Rating: 4
Well, in fairness, 3.6% is fairly close to "nobody." Kind of like Mac marketshare.

RE: Ummm
By nafhan on 11/15/2013 12:43:33 PM , Rating: 2
To be fair to Macs... About 7.3% concentrated at the high end of the market is a lot more substantial than 3.6% concentrated on the low end of the market.

RE: Ummm
By Mitch101 on 11/14/2013 2:29:26 PM , Rating: 2
So what your saying is Microsoft makes money on 85.6% of the mobile devices out there and only has to support 3.6% of the Mobile device market sold?

Microsoft is generating $2 billion per year in revenue from Android patent royalties.

I enjoy my Windows Phone it does what I need and is reliable. What more do you want from a smartphone? I dont feel the need for it to be faster or have a bigger screen but if I did there are options. It already has an incredible camera and maps doesn't require a constant data connection sucking up my data plan. Ok hate on it and buy another Android Microsoft is still making money off you.

RE: Ummm
By Reclaimer77 on 11/14/2013 8:49:04 PM , Rating: 2
Ok hate on it and buy another Android Microsoft is still making money off you.

And you sleep better at night knowing that too I guess?

What a fanboi. Extolling Microsoft's patent trolling as some kind of positive...

RE: Ummm
By Mitch101 on 11/14/2013 9:59:56 PM , Rating: 2
Ill throw you a pity party.

Google had the opportunity to join the patent purchase that would give them leverage to cross license but they decided they didn't need to so now their vendors are paying the price.

Don't cry a river of patent trolling when its their own fault Google tries to strong arm everyone else with their Motorola patents too but I guess that's not trolling. How myopic of you.

“And I don't know why [Apple is] acting like it’s superior. I don't even get it. What are they trying to say?” -- Bill Gates on the Mac ads

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