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Shortages expected for iPad mini with retina display

If you've been counting the days until you can get your hands on the new Apple iPad mini with Retina display, the tablet has officially launched. The iPad mini with the Retina Display brings the same resolution from the 9.7-inch iPad (2048x1536) to a smaller 7.9-inch device.
We already know all the hardware features of the iPad mini with Retina display. The tablet will use an Apple A7 processor featuring a 64-bit desktop-class architecture. All versions of the tablet will feature integrated Wi-Fi with versions offering LTE 4G connectivity available for $130 extra.
“The response to iPad Air has been incredible, and we’re excited for customers to experience the new iPad mini with Retina display,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “We think customers will love both of these thin, light, powerful new iPads, and we’re working hard to get as many as we can in the hands of our customers.”

iPad mini with Retina Display
With Apple's comment that it is "working hard" to get the new iPad mini into the hands of customers, you can bet there will be a shortage of this tablet early on. The basic Wi-Fi version of the iPad mini with Retina display and 16 GB of storage will sell for $399, a 32 GB version sells for $499, and a 64 GB version sells for $599. People needing even more storage can get a 128 GB version for $699.
Versions of the iPad mini with Retina display featuring integrated LTE connectivity start at $529 for 16 GB of storage and go up to $829 for 128 GB of storage. With the new iPad mini with Retina display now available, the original iPad mini can be purchased for $299 with 16 GB of storage.

Sources: Apple, Apple Store

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I love the hardware...
By retrospooty on 11/12/2013 10:26:13 AM , Rating: 2
I kind of want to buy it, but I just dont think its worth $399 to be hamstrung with IOS. Great hardware though.

RE: I love the hardware...
By hughlle on 11/12/2013 11:24:10 AM , Rating: 2
I agree. Apple do make some truly fantastic hardware (not taking into account the fact that it all looks the same) but the one reason i would not buy an apple product is ios and me just do not get on well.

Almost more than that though, is the issue of what about all my paid apps.

RE: I love the hardware...
By Stuka on 11/12/2013 2:11:03 PM , Rating: 2
Definitely. If Apple gave a App Store credit for the majority of the cost of my Android apps ($100+ by now), I would be much more inclined to convert. They could really grease the deal if they gave me $150 to trade in my Nexus.

Still prefer the Android OS, but social pressure and all.. whole family is on iOS. :(

RE: I love the hardware...
By Reclaimer77 on 11/12/2013 3:56:00 PM , Rating: 2
I've never been impressed with the iPad personally. You get the bare minimum for a premium price, and the most antiquated OS out there.

The damn things STILL only have 1gig of memory! I just love when the browser has to reload pages because there's not enough memory to keep things in the cache. This is 2013 right?

RE: I love the hardware...
By Solandri on 11/12/2013 4:13:53 PM , Rating: 2
While they definitely could use more memory, Apple is good (and has always been good) about minimizing the memory footprint of their OSes. It's a questionable priority considering how cheap memory is. But nevertheless one of the benefits is that they can get away with 1 GB while other products use 2 GB. The shortfall does show up when you do memory-intensive tasks though.

RE: I love the hardware...
By Reclaimer77 on 11/12/2013 4:30:14 PM , Rating: 2
But they AREN'T getting away with it when the OS can't multitask and the browser has to reload pages every time you go back to one.

I've even seen Safari crash because lots of tabs were open and it ran out of memory. That's unacceptable.

RE: I love the hardware...
By Tony Swash on 11/13/13, Rating: 0
RE: I love the hardware...
By Solandri on 11/12/2013 4:10:47 PM , Rating: 4
I agree. Apple do make some truly fantastic hardware

Apple doesn't make any hardware. The screen is made by AUO, the CPU by Samsung, the GPU by PowerVR, the memory by Samsung or Toshiba, the other components by Foxconn, and the case I'm trying to figure out if it's made by Foxconn or another supplier. The Macbooks are made by Quanta, who also buy parts from the same suppliers as everyone else. The only part of the hardware that's theirs are the tweaks they made to the ARM reference design for the CPU (which Samsung then produces for them).

There is nothing fundamentally different about Apple hardware than the hardware in other products. All of it comes from the same suppliers everyone else uses (or can use). Apple just has iOS, some different design priorities, and one helluva marketing program.

RE: I love the hardware...
By retrospooty on 11/12/2013 5:39:40 PM , Rating: 2
It's not that they "make" it, but it is generally pretty high quality stuff. Designed well, etc. Not always, but mostly. They have a hell of alot tighter standards than your Dell's HTC's, and HP's...

RE: I love the hardware...
By ven1ger on 11/12/2013 6:56:42 PM , Rating: 2
Apple doesn't compete well against hardware manufacturers. Which is one of the reasons for their closed ecosystem. If you want to run OS X or whatever Mac version, you're stuck buying from Apple at a premium price they set. For Dells, HPs and the other PC makers that run Windows, the competition requires lower margins and variety. Apple can release 1-2 devices for their OS's and still charge a premium, gives them time to work on the design and testing. Others have to rush the products out and get it out ASAP, thereby cutting down on the testing time and also having lower margins that Apple enjoys because of their ecosystem.

While Apple reaps exceptional profit on its closed ecosystem, the problems with such a system is that they have to offer better alternatives (hardware/software) than the rest of the industry, which one company vs multitudes doesn't quite seem practical in the long term.

RE: I love the hardware...
By Tony Swash on 11/13/2013 11:22:54 AM , Rating: 1
While Apple reaps exceptional profit on its closed ecosystem, the problems with such a system is that they have to offer better alternatives (hardware/software) than the rest of the industry, which one company vs multitudes doesn't quite seem practical in the long term.

Apple have had that same business model for over thirty years and are still here and stronger than ever. In the tech sector three decades is pretty long term. As Apple showed after Jobs had returned even in the PC market, where Apple had apparently 'lost' a long time ago, they could end up being the most successful PC maker by far.

This an interesting take on all this:

RE: I love the hardware...
By superstition on 11/13/2013 1:36:22 AM , Rating: 2
The iPhone 5's A6 SoC: Not A15 or A9, a Custom Apple Core Instead
by Anand Lal Shimpi, Sept. 15 2012

Given Apple's reliance on fully licensed ARM cores in the past, the expected performance gains and unpublishable information that started all of this I concluded Apple's A6 SoC likely featured two ARM Cortex A15 cores.

It turns out I was wrong. But pleasantly surprised.

The A6 is the first Apple SoC to use its own ARMv7 based processor design. The CPU core(s) aren't based on a vanilla A9 or A15 design from ARM IP, but instead are something of Apple's own creation.

That is just one example.

The IEEE 1394 interface is a serial bus interface standard for high-speed communications and isochronous real-time data transfer. It was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s by Apple, who called it FireWire. The last update, IEEE 1394c-2006, was published on June 8, 2007.

RE: I love the hardware...
By TakinYourPoints on 11/13/2013 1:55:15 AM , Rating: 2
This is totally incorrect. As superstition's post covers, Apple has a license to create their own ARM designs. The A6 and A7 are totally custom configurations, which makes sense given the billions Apple has spent acquiring other semi-conductor firms. They don't have all of those chip engineers taping out custom designs just so that they can use off the shelf configurations like everyone else. Samsung is a foundry for them, but that's it, they aren't contracted to design SoCs.

Apple has gone so far as to purchase equipment like CNC machines for companies like Foxconn so that they could mass produce their aluminum enclosures. Manufacturers weren't capable of doing this at scale so Apple made the investment in the equipment themselves. It wasn't just a case of some OEM designing it for them. The indirect benefit is that other companies eventually got into using that CNC equipment themselves. Benefits for everyone.

Their motherboards and such are also custom designs. Obviously things like memory modules, antennas (Apple had to wait on Qualcomm making more efficient LTE chips before using it in their own products), and displays are from other companies, but the same goes for any other basic commodity. One distinction with things like displays is that Apple does quality control and color calibration with their LCDs that most other OEMs do not.

Are you also going to criticize them for using the same flash modules as everyone else? An electronics product is more than basic commodity parts slapped together. What matters is that they have a high level of quality control on things like display quality, chassis, build quality, physical interfaces, and SoC performance. That has an immediate impact on user experience, which is enough to distinguish their products from others on the market.

RE: I love the hardware...
By greenchinesepuck on 11/13/2013 2:28:03 AM , Rating: 2
they have a high level of quality control on things like display quality, chassis, build quality, physical interfaces, and SoC performance
You're hurting Motoman's feelings now ;)

RE: I love the hardware...
By Harry Wild on 11/13/2013 9:41:17 PM , Rating: 2
RAM memory is made by Japan-based Elpida!

RE: I love the hardware...
By TakinYourPoints on 11/13/2013 1:39:04 AM , Rating: 1
Having the best mobile app library isn't a bad thing to be hamstrung with. Good software libraries rule.

Blizzard's Hearthstone and FTL (one of the best PC games from last year: ) coming to iPad in the next few weeks is great news, ditto the upcoming Lords Of Waterdeep port from Playdek:

RE: I love the hardware...
By retrospooty on 11/13/2013 7:23:27 AM , Rating: 2
Sorry, NO... Your ridiculous notion about Android apps has been debunked...

You conveniently slinked away from that conversation once proven wrong... BTW, we didnt "just" get a port of Jumpdesk, it has been there all along you dolt. You have no idea what you are talking about. 2 years ago it was true, today it simply isn't. You have proven you don't know jack about the android app world or what is available in it. That is fine and that is expected, since you arent an Android user, you wouldnt know, but your troll stops here.

RE: I love the hardware...
By retrospooty on 11/13/2013 7:25:46 AM , Rating: 2

Changes in Jump Desktop for Android

Jump Desktop Support
posted this on November 21, 2011 20:09

RE: I love the hardware...
By TakinYourPoints on 11/14/2013 5:25:17 PM , Rating: 2
I didn't slink away, I don't keep up with every conversation that happens. Sorry I don't keep track of every post as it happens.

Again, you got a port after the iOS version came out.

That's... one application out of everything else I mentioned that has either been out on iOS for a long time or will never be ported over.

Again, congratulations.

RE: I love the hardware...
By TakinYourPoints on 11/14/2013 5:27:50 PM , Rating: 2
Its funny. There are dozens of iOS exclusive apps and games on top of others that have a port that come out months later, and you declare one oversight (which is still a staggered release) as a pedantic victory.


RE: I love the hardware...
By retrospooty on 11/14/2013 5:47:11 PM , Rating: 2
Victory? No, not at all. That isn't the point. The point is, as I mentioned several times, you have no clue what you are talking about. I knew that all along, the only thing that changed here is you proved it.

RE: I love the hardware...
By TakinYourPoints on 11/14/2013 5:57:56 PM , Rating: 2
I point out numerous things that either aren't on Android or are getting staggered releases. You point out one inconsistency, which itself was a staggered release at the time, and use that one thing to try and debunk the point while ignoring/dodging every other app and game I mentioned.


You're like the guy that uses the other person's spelling error to win an argument.

Its weird that you're so opposed to this one point that even Android users who are also mobile developers readily accept as reality on the platform.

Fine, whatever makes you feel good.

RE: I love the hardware...
By TakinYourPoints on 11/14/2013 6:01:56 PM , Rating: 2
And again, if the difference in app libraries don't matter to you, that's totally cool.

Denial of the difference is the only thing I think is strange.

RE: I love the hardware...
By retrospooty on 11/14/2013 7:06:26 PM , Rating: 2
dude, it's not about the one mistake it's about the fact that you're wrong. You are wrong that mistake its just something that proves it. You. Are. Wrong. Get it?

RE: I love the hardware...
By TakinYourPoints on 11/14/2013 6:05:32 PM , Rating: 2
And on topic with the post above, FTL, Hearthstone, Lords Of Waterdeep and every other port Playdek does, all not on Android. The best we can hope to see are ports in late 2014 or early 2015.

Again, you're like the guy who uses the other person's spelling errors to try and make a point. Accept the reality in regards to app libraries and move on.

RE: I love the hardware...
By retrospooty on 11/14/2013 8:15:52 PM , Rating: 2
Again I repeat myself. There are thousands and thousands of apps that are available on each platform that are not available on the other, congratulations you found a few. There are games and apps on Android that are not on iOS, so what. I keep telling you this the difference is not a big one it's extremely slight, so slight that it is irrelevant. You don't have the knowledge or experience to make a call on what is going on in the Android App World and you proved it time and time again. You do not know what you're talking about. You get mired down in your platitudss and you start preaching on and on about it and you're not even paying attention that the world changed while you were up there preaching. You don't know what you're talking about. End of story.

RE: I love the hardware...
By TakinYourPoints on 11/17/2013 4:11:00 AM , Rating: 2
I'm talking about the flagships, the ones that matter.

Games from Blizzard, 2K, Epic, id, games Android users want but that they will either have to wait for or never get. Drilling down there are niche photography, aviation, medical, POS, all sorts of things that are either not available or have second rate versions simply because the revenue doesn't justify it for developers. At best you have people clamoring for basic staples like Instapaper, Instagram, Vine, etc, who finally get their port.

If software doesn't matter to you then yes, it absolutely doesn't matter. Giving up Alien Blue and Reeder alone would suck given that Android doesn't have anything of that quality, but that's just me. Giving up Blizzard's Hearthstone would be AWFUL, but at least the Android version is coming out a year after the iPad release.

Either way, its weird that you're in so much denial over the difference in software ecosystems. Like, this is a broadly accepted fact. Even mobile developers who prefer Android acknowledge that they're getting the short end of the stick when it comes to software.

If it doesn't matter to you, and it shouldn't matter to everyone, then that's fine. Saying that there is no difference when the differences are so radical and obvious is very contrary to reality.

RE: I love the hardware...
By greenchinesepuck on 11/13/2013 1:49:47 AM , Rating: 2
retro, get yourself an evga tegra note, I ordered one myself at newegg this morning, immediately after its announcement (my old galaxy note 1 is so slooow in PvZ 2 I can't play damn thing at all). surprise fact: tegra note actually owns iPad Air framerate wise in modern mobile games like Dead Trigger 2, all because it has top notch quad core A15 with latest nvidia 72-core mobile GPU mated to low res 1280x800 screen, this combination makes it actually produce HIGHER frame rate in high end 3D scenes in games, compared to iPad Air or Mini. yes it is hard to believe but when anand calls this tablet overkill for games and says there are NO modern 3D games for tablets that can make this tablet stutter or lose frames, when all this megapower costs just $199, I think this is total nobrainer. also numerous benches put it on par with Apple's latest A7 in many benchmarks, sometimes it's even faster than A7, hard to believe but check reviews yourself man.

all in all seems like an iPad level megapower in a small case for less than half a price of an iPad. NO. BRAINER. man

ah yeah, by the way, it is TWICE AS FAST as Apple A7, but only when you load all its four A15 cores ;) 'cause Apple is still stuck in dual core era you know hehehe

RE: I love the hardware...
By TakinYourPoints on 11/13/2013 2:18:43 AM , Rating: 2
I was intrigued so I checked benchmarks on Tom's and Anand.

The Tegra Note benches slower in raw and off-screen GPU and CPU tests than an iPhone 5S, which in turn benches slower than an iPad Air. The Tegra Note's low res screen obviously helps a lot though. In the end you're getting close performance on a much lower resolution screen, but that's obviously one of the trades in price.

Tablet game library is another thing since this is Android we're talking about. Its a tough call with the high quality of the iPad's existing library, and its an even tougher call with Hearthstone and FTL coming out in the next few weeks with Android ports at least another year away, if ever. There are way too many good tablet games missing in its library, unless you like running emulators on a touchscreen (gotta use that with a gamepad, ofc).

It is very affordable though. $200 is an awesome price. I wonder what its display quality is like, they had to have cut corners somewhere. Slashgear noted low quality with the LCD, as did Anandtech, but I'd like to see it for myself. The Tegra Shield has a great display for something that's only around $300, but then again it is much smaller. All the reviews note cheap build quality too, but that has to be a given with its price.

The 2013 Nexus 7 still seems like a higher quality product for only $30 more, but I'd still like to see it for myself.

RE: I love the hardware...
By greenchinesepuck on 11/13/2013 2:47:53 AM , Rating: 2
Hearthstone and FTL are kind of visually simple games, like 2D diagrams, cards, stuff like that, I'm not very interested in such games even though these are good, quality ones. However, nVidia has tight relationship with some major mobile studios like Madfinger, who do some excellent 3D shooters optimized for Tegra 4, Dead Trigger 2 for example is my favorite. The moment I saw its demo on ultra high graphics quality (only enabled on Tegra 4 of course) I knew that very moment which tablet I gonna get next. I was considering iPad Mini or even iPad Air because the library of big budget quality games there is the best among tablets but Dead Trigger 2 stunning visuals multiplied by the no less stunning low price sealed my fate hehe :P Bye for now iPad, maybe next time... although I'm not sure, looks like nVidia knows how to lure gamers by selling simple and cheap tablets stuffed with fastest mobile ships they can make, it's old PC days all over again man! I was always a heavy user of fastest Athlon 64 or Core 2 Quad chips in most basic enclosures I could find, because all I needed was fastest CPU/GPU possible for the least amount of money. Now with Tegra tablets I'm back to these glorious days of my youth, and I LOVE IT! So don't see iPad fitting my character just yet, they are too much into fashion design, and I'll never pay Apple tax just for their fashionable logo, after all their cases are top notch bit it's only the bare bone PERFORMANCE I'm seeking in tablets, not fancy designer cases. Hence Tegra tablets are perfect for me. Maybe even too perfect ;)

RE: I love the hardware...
By TakinYourPoints on 11/13/2013 3:57:57 AM , Rating: 2
The best mobile (and even PC!) games don't necessarily need insane 3D visuals.

I think this is more the case with mobile touch games. Something like Infinity Blade 3 on iOS looks better than anything on a tablet or phone, but man is the gameplay dull. Same with most other tablet shooters, etc. They make for cool tech demos but that's pretty much it IMHO since the gameplay isn't that well suited to touchscreen control.

I have no problem recommending strategy, tactics, and board games on things like the iPad though. You get uncompromised gameplay in those genres, and in some cases its even better than its PC counterparts.

Frozen Synapse is a perfect example of this, it seemed designed for touch even when it first came out. FTL coming out on iPad makes me super happy since it was one of the best PC games I played in 2012, and like Frozen Synapse it seems made for touch.

A game that bridges both gameplay and visuals is XCom Enemy Unknown for iPad. It is a faithful port of the PC version and it works great:

It seems unfair to ding the iPad for being a "fashion accessory" when it has the best developer support and such good hardware under the hood. App libraries matter, which is why I game on Windows instead of Linux and the Playstation instead of the XBox.

The iPad does cost more than other options though, double that of the NVIDIA tablet, so that's clearly a big factor. I think the 2013 Nexus 7 is good (certainly much better than the Kindle Fire) and based on my positive experience with the NVIDIA Shield (really cool!) I hope their Note is good as well.

RE: I love the hardware...
By TakinYourPoints on 11/13/2013 4:03:45 AM , Rating: 2
By the way, Frozen Synapse got ported from iOS to Android very recently (yay!) and is currently in beta. It is GREAT, you should get your hands on it.

Cross-platform multiplayer across all desktop and mobile operating systems, amazing soundtrack, deep "one more turn" gameplay, its the best.

Also get the Steam version while you're at it. :)

RE: I love the hardware...
By retrospooty on 11/15/2013 5:40:56 AM , Rating: 1
I just checked out most of the games you have mentioned and I have figured something out that actually explains alot... Your threshold for what is a "great game" is way WAY WAY too low. You like some of the lamest most boring shit I have seen in years. Good god dood, get a filter. No wonder you have no clue about apps and games, you have no taste period.

RE: I love the hardware...
By retrospooty on 11/13/2013 7:15:16 AM , Rating: 2
"retro, get yourself an evga tegra note"

No, way too low res and Tegra 4 is a battery hog. Mostly the res is a problem for me.

RE: I love the hardware...
By greenchinesepuck on 11/14/2013 12:23:55 AM , Rating: 2
low res brings outlandish framerates tho, on nexus 7 you'll get 10 frames per second where I'll get 30 on my tegra note :P

RE: I love the hardware...
By retrospooty on 11/15/2013 5:43:12 AM , Rating: 1
If I were interested in tablet gaming I might, but I am not. When I game, its PC or PS. Tablets just... lack. The touch screen isn't good for any game that I like. There are some good time wasters and some "good, for a tablet/phone" games, but nothing I would do when I am really in a gaming mood.

RE: I love the hardware...
By Kiffberet on 11/14/2013 7:29:18 AM , Rating: 2
Do people actually play 3D games on these tiny screens?

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