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A data center lost network connectivity on Sunday after a technical failure

Obamacare saw another technical difficulty this weekend when a data center behind the website went down.

According to Reuters, Verizon's Terremark -- which hosts and allows uninsured Americans to both search and buy health insurance -- lost network connectivity on Sunday after a technical failure. 

The glitch also threw off a data services hub that connects a number of federal agencies and is used to verify people's identity, citizenship, etc. This verification is necessary to check if people are eligible for tax credits that cut the cost of monthly insurance premiums.

"We are working with Terremark to get their timeline for addressing the issue," said Joanne Peters, a Health and Human Services (HHS) Department spokeswoman. "We understand that this issue is affecting other customers in addition to, and Terremark is working (to) resolve the issue as quickly as possible."

There have been a number of troubles with the rollout of Obamacare since it launched October 1. The White House didn't expect to see the amount of traffic it did when Obamacare began, and this led to many technical problems with the site, such as jumbled text, error messages and delays with loading pages. 

A key part of Obamacare is consumer accessibility to in order to select new insurance plans. The idea behind it is to bring health insurance to Americans that have gone without, and it also doesn't prevent those with pre-existing conditions to apply. 

Obama has compared the glitchy website to iOS 7, and even said that the recent issues are "unacceptable" while outlining a new way for customers to access the site. 

Source: Reuters

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Pointing fingers
By Chaser on 10/28/2013 2:30:36 PM , Rating: 5
we can't expect our Dear Leader and his cabinet to be responsible for everything. He also knows nothing about the NSA spying (now international) either.

But to the President's credit he did know about Treyvon Martin and the Redskins controversies.

RE: Pointing fingers
By Omega215D on 10/28/2013 3:03:51 PM , Rating: 5
He also knew about Bin Laden the minute it happened yet when it came to Benghazi...

RE: Pointing fingers
By espaghetti on 10/28/2013 8:41:04 PM , Rating: 4
Cambridge police acting stupidly? Yep.
Fast and Furious? Nope.

RE: Pointing fingers
By Samus on 10/28/2013 8:52:42 PM , Rating: 3
What I don't get is...Amazon and eBay don't crash the weekend before Christmas and doesn't crash the day before Valentines.

Running a popular website isn't rocket science. The fact this site is crashing the data center means you need to move it to another data center that can handle the traffic.

RE: Pointing fingers
By espaghetti on 10/28/2013 9:37:14 PM , Rating: 2
Two minutes of date sensitive research reveals that Terremark has had a poor track record well before they were given a U.S. contract.

RE: Pointing fingers
By marvdmartian on 10/29/2013 7:51:14 AM , Rating: 2
So we CAN give credit to this administration, for picking the worst possible choice, when it came to running this debacle of a social program. Probably some conflict of interest thrown in there as well, from what I'm hearing.

Nothing new for this failure of a president.

RE: Pointing fingers
By crimson117 on 10/29/2013 10:32:14 AM , Rating: 1
Amazon has had years of gradual traffic buildup and billions of dollars to invest into its architecture.

Also, Amazon has very few integration points to worry about - other than credit card processing, most of their services are in-house and under their control. has to integrate with dozens of insurers and goveernment databases to build a profile of an applicant. And, they had to do it on a relatively limited (compared to Amazon) budget and timeline.

RE: Pointing fingers
By overlandpark4me on 10/29/2013 9:44:49 PM , Rating: 2
Quit acting like an Obama sheep.

They had 600 million. Limited budget, lololololol

"The White House didn't expect to see the amount of traffic it did? LOLOLOL, Really? It was crashing when hundreds tried it during the "whole week" of testing. Stop posting, you're embarrassing.

RE: Pointing fingers
By overlandpark4me on 10/29/2013 9:42:32 PM , Rating: 2
He also didn't know about
Fast and furious
IRS targeting of conservatives.

Also, his wife 's radical buddy from college was given the contract to do the site on a no bid contract...hmmmm

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