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Comcast steps closer to unbundling HBO

Cable television network HBO is locked in a battle with other pay television channels and internet streaming companies like Netflix. HBO has its own streaming offering called HBO Go, but it's not available as a standalone product. The only way to get HBO Go is to subscribe to HBO via a participating cable or satellite television provider.
The big problem, however, is that many people don't want to subscribe to cable when all they really want is HBO content.

Comcast is coming to the rescue with a new internet plan called “Internet Plus” that will give consumers access to HBO and local television channels without having to subscribe to cable. The plan gives access to HBO, local channels, plus video on demand along with a 25 Mbps broadband connection.

The service is offered on a 12-month plan for about $40 per month. After the promotional period, the price will reportedly increases the price as high as $80. The good news is there are no long-term contracts required so if the price goes up more than you want to spend you can always cancel.

HBO and cable providers need to do something to stay on level footing with Netflix. Netflix recently hit the 30 million subscriber mark according to estimates potentially putting it ahead of HBO in the U.S. for subscriber numbers.

Source: DSLR Reports

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RE: LOL What a joke
By CaedenV on 10/25/2013 11:53:27 AM , Rating: 2
Completely agree!
I was fortunate enough (though I did not feel like it at the time) to grow up on a street without cable... well, there was cable, but the cable company did not realize it and refused to sell it to us even though our neighbors at the top of the hill had cable service.

But anywho, point is that I grew up in an area without cable, with only 3 OTA channels (which is 2 now after they went digital). So we had internet (via dialup), video games, and movies. Pretty much 0 commercials ever. Now as an adult with kids of my own I am dead set against getting any kind of TV. If there is a good show on TV then it will be on the station website. If there is a good show on cable, it will come out on bluray once the season is over. If we want to catch a game then we watch it at our neighbor's house because they are sports nuts and are fun to hang out with.

It is a sacrifice of not watching shows in 'real time' most of the time. But then again our schedules are so chaotic that we would never catch a show when it aired anyways. But the advantages are awesome! We get next to 0 commercials. If there is a great show then we can watch several episodes in a row without interruption so that we do not forget important details. Most shows on ABC/NBC/FOX/ETC are free with limited commercials (most of which AdBlock blocks), and when we purchase a DVD or BluRay of a show then we have the option to sell it after we are done and get the bulk of our money back.
Then there is Netflix and Amazon Prime to fill in the gaps for content that is harder to find, but not worth bothering buying the discs for.

It really is the way to go

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