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Microsoft wants to move existing stock of original Surface Pro tablet

Microsoft is trying hard to get consumers to purchase its Surface Pro tablet. Back in August, Microsoft reduced the price for its Surface Pro tablet by $100 making the 128 GB Surface Pro available for $899 and the 64 GB version available for $799. Microsoft is now announced that it's taking an additional $100 off the price of these tablets.

The Surface Pro 128 GB tablet will be available for $799. The 64 GB Surface Pro will sell for $699 with the 256 GB version available for $999. These discounts are specifically for the original Surface Pro, not the recently announced Surface Pro 2 tablets.

The deal is valid from October 22 through December 31 of 2013, or while supplies last.
This is clearly a moved to get rid of all the stock of Surface Pro tablets left laying around and may help spur sales during the holiday shopping season.

For comparison the Surface 2, which is the new version of the Surface RT, sells for $449 with 32 GB of storage. The Surface Pro 2 is available starting at $899.

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RE: While supplies last
By Argon18 on 10/24/2013 2:12:12 PM , Rating: -1
No kidding. I said this on day one when these were released and I'll say it again: These won't sell. They'll steadily slash prices into the ground, just to clear remaining inventory, and then they'll terminate the project. See Kin. See Zune. Outside of the Xbox, Microsoft consumer devices simply don't sell. These have already long been removed from retail store shelves.

RE: While supplies last
By FITCamaro on 10/24/2013 2:14:31 PM , Rating: 3
Uh if I had the cash, I'd buy one. Only downside of them is the hard drive size. Attach and external monitor and USB3.0 hub and you have a handheld desktop replacement development machine.

Unplug it all and take it with you.

RE: While supplies last
By Argon18 on 10/24/13, Rating: -1
RE: While supplies last
By retrospooty on 10/24/2013 2:26:41 PM , Rating: 4
"The crashing, rebooting, constant security hole patching, you need an entire IT department of geeks just to keep it alive"


Seriously? Must you post your uneducated, outdated anti MS rant in every single article? How about just skip every other one for a while. We get it, you dont like MS and arent bright enough to get Windows working like the rest of the world has for the past (at least) 5 years.

RE: While supplies last
By themaster08 on 10/24/2013 3:05:24 PM , Rating: 2
He needs to be banned.

Don't expect any response. Anything that challenges his mentally unstable views will receive no acknowledgement from this troll.

He's one of these extreme Linux nerds that has nothing but hatred towards everything, whose views are so outdated it's laughable, and clear that this person has no true perception of reality and lacks any real world experience of any of the products he slates.

His posts seem to get worse, more extreme and more humiliating. The only convincing his posts achieve is convincing all of us that he needs to be committed.

RE: While supplies last
By Cheesew1z69 on 10/24/2013 3:11:38 PM , Rating: 2
He needs to be banned.

RE: While supplies last
By retrospooty on 10/24/2013 4:07:45 PM , Rating: 2
I know, I have gone at it with him before. He universally narrow minded. He can be ignorant on many tech issues, CPU, smartphone, desktop OS, server OS, you name it, he has a ridiculous opinion on it. LOL.

RE: While supplies last
By coburn_c on 10/24/2013 2:31:16 PM , Rating: 2

Windows 8 is hands down the best tablet OS. The gestures alone.. my god it's like you've never used one... I absolutely wanted the ability to run all my legacy apps on my tablet.. and not to be restricted to app stores and dumbed down software that doesn't understand the mouse as an input device... my god it's like your post was created with inflammatory rhetoric in mind.

RE: While supplies last
By Cheesew1z69 on 10/24/2013 3:13:46 PM , Rating: 2
my god it's like you've never used one...
He hasn't...

my god it's like your post was created with inflammatory rhetoric in mind.
This is all he does...

RE: While supplies last
By inperfectdarkness on 10/24/2013 3:26:14 PM , Rating: 1
Technically, the Xbox shouldn't exist either. The only difference is that MS threw so much cash at it that it had no choice BUT to succeed. Hell, MS probably spent more money marketing Halo 3 than it did making the damn game!

No, I'm not going to spend $1,000 on a glorified tablet.

RE: While supplies last
By Camikazi on 10/24/2013 4:21:07 PM , Rating: 2
The Kin was just marketed wrong (MS does a lot of this) but the Zune was rolled into and expanded on with Windows Phone 7 and 8. While it is true that MS devices don't sell well the people who do buy them love them and think they are better than competing devices but mass market appeal (the shiny) falls to Apple and Android right now so no one sees other options.

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