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Droughts are also accused of being the work of evil old global warming

After a decade of flat temperatures and missed predictions by global warming's shrillest speculators, Christiana Figueres, the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is still ringing the alarm bell for all who care to listen.  While she lacks the evidence to prove it, in a recent interview she expressed that she was "sure" warming was to blame for a laundry list of recent natural disasters, including, but not limited to wildfires and droughts.

I. UN Chief Believes Warming is to Sure Warming Causes Wildfires

In an interview with Christiane Amanpour of Time Warner Inc.'s (TWXCNN news agency, Ms. Figueres also expressed indignation at the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Abbot has referred to more extreme global warming predictions as "total crap" and pushed to repeal Australia's carbon tax, having disbanded the nation's climate change board in September.

Australia has recently suffered from raging wildfires, and Ms. Figueres was quick to seize on this point, stating:

We are really already paying the price of carbon.  We are paying the price with wildfires, we are paying the price with droughts.

She admitted, though:

The World Meteorological Organization has not established a direct link between this wildfire and climate change – yet.  But what is absolutely clear is the science is telling us that there are increasing heat waves in Asia, Europe, and Australia; that there these will continue; that they will continue in their intensity and in their frequency.

Australia wildfire
A wildfire rages in Australia. [Image Source: EPA]

It's worth noting that Mr. Figueres holds no degree in climate science (nor do most UN officials tasked with setting warming policy), having achieved a Master's Degree in social anthropology.  While this career politician may be unversed in climatology from a technical standpoint, she's not afraid of making bold and emotional claims.

II. Climate Chief was "Born Impatient"

In another recent interview -- this time with BBC News -- Ms. Figueres appeared to admit that she lacks the patience to wait for a thorough scientific study on the impact and extent of warming before taking action.  She is quoted as saying:

I am always frustrated by the pace of the negotiations, I was born impatient.  We are moving way, way too slowly, but we are moving in the right direction and that's what gives me courage and hope.
I'm committed to climate change because of future generations, it is not about us, right? We're out of here.  I just feel that it is so completely unfair and immoral what we are doing to future generations, we are condemning them before they are even born.  
We have a choice about it, that's the point, we have a choice.  If it were inevitable then so be it, but we have a choice to change the future we are going to give our children.

Christiana Figueres
Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC executive secretary [Image Source: Getty Images]

Ms. Figueres -- who assumed her post at the UN in 2010 is currently working on drafting a global climate treaty, as per the decision reached at a 2011 summit in Durban, South Africa.  The treaty could look to implement carbon taxes, or other wealth redistribution measures supposedly aimed at "fighting warming", but it will have a tough road ahead, if temperatures remain flat over the next decade.

Sources: CNN, BBC News

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By foxalopex on 10/23/2013 1:00:49 PM , Rating: 2
Frankly, I find it hilarious that people would honestly believe that burning the literally river of oil we use has no effect on the the environment. Never mind the other toxic crap that ends up in the air. Check out some of our mining operations that literally move mountains using oil as power. I seem to recall we actually move more soil than erosion does naturally on the whole planet now. We're also in a major extinction event. That's right we're wiping out as many species so quickly that we're on par with some of the worst natural extinction events in history.

So let's say CO2 is causing some global warming at the levels we produce. It makes sense that the Earth is a finely tuned engine and throwing even a penny into an engine is likely to cause some issues. The question is would any of us be willing to give up a little of our comfortable / modern life to protect our future or help each other a little more? The sad truth is we probably won't.

I'm not saying the world will end. Weather patterns will likely change, there will be more flooding on the coast and probably folks living on the edge (3rd world nations) will experience more deaths. The world will likely become a worse place to live but not impossible and future generations might be mad at us.

I think we should at least be looking at this as a potential issue and we should be seeing if there are alternatives without ripping each other off. It's better than sitting tight and believing that we have absolutely no effect on this world at all.

By SPOOFE on 10/24/2013 4:27:26 PM , Rating: 2
It makes sense that the Earth is a finely tuned engine and throwing even a penny into an engine is likely to cause some issues.

More water evaporates and subsequently condenses. Second law of thermodynamics says some of the energy is used to facilitate this process. Hence the lack of "runaway global warming" that the Gore types preached about to pass their economy-destroying carbon credit laws.

Show me a climate change model that takes water vapor - the most effect greenhouse gas we know of - into account. I'll wait, but I won't be holding my breath.

"We can't expect users to use common sense. That would eliminate the need for all sorts of legislation, committees, oversight and lawyers." -- Christopher Jennings

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