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Apple refreshes its MacBook Pro range

Apple announced that it is revamping its MacBook Pro lineup. The new 13” MacBook Pro is now thinner, and lighter, and of course is powered by fourth generation Intel Core (Haswell) processors. It also gets up to 9 hours battery life. Like the MacBook Air ultraportables that were updated earlier this year, the new 13” MacBook Pro gets 802.11ac, PCIe SSDs and Thunderbolt 2.

Apple is also dropping the price of entry for the 13” MacBook Pro from $1,499 to $1,299. That base configuration will get you a 2.4GHz quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, Intel Iris integrated graphics, and a 128GB SSD.
The 15” MacBook Pro also features fourth generation Intel Core processors along with the hardware updates seen on its smaller brother. The 15” MacBook Pro is also available with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M discrete graphics card.
The base price has also dropped from $2,199 to $1,999. The base configuration comes with a 2GHz Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, Iris Pro graphics, and a 256GB SSD.

Apple’s Phil Schiller also announced that the all-new Mac Pro will ship this December with a price tag of $2,999. That configuration will get you a 3.7GHz quad-core Xeon processor, 12GB of RAM, dual FirePro D300 GPUs and a 256GB SSD.
On a related note, Apple has announced that OS X 10.9, Mavericks, will be a free download for all Mac hardware that supports the operating system.

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RE: Trashcan
By TakinYourPoints on 10/22/2013 8:46:25 PM , Rating: 2
The decision I don't understand with the new Mac Pro is the use of a single processor versus dual processors. Intel grossly overprices its 12-core part; a 12-core Xeon is $2500, about double the price of an equivalent 10-core Xeon or quadruple the price of a 6-core Xeon. This means you can get two 6-core Xeons for about half the price of one 12-core Xeon and simultaneously have the ability to use twice the memory.

Yup, I don't get it either. Space constraints automatically made more expensive single CPUs a requirement, and this is in an enclosure that doesn't necessarily need to be compact.

The only place I really see this as an advantage are on DIT carts in film production. It is small enough to fit in a road case and much easier to fit on a Magliner cart than a standard case without compromising performance. Hard drives in those use cases are all outboard anyway, so no change there either.

That said, I also don't know how this is "supposed" to be priced anyway, given that nothing else does what this machine does. I don't think any of us will have proper perspective until 4k monitors (let alone three 4k monitors per workstation) becomes a thing and other OEMs start building workstations that do the same thing.

RE: Trashcan
By The Von Matrices on 10/23/2013 12:05:13 AM , Rating: 2
The ability to drive three 4K displays is nothing exclusive to the Mac Pro. You can do that with a discrete AMD FirePro graphics card on any PC. Advertising three 4K displays is nice, but neither the Mac Pro nor any PC this year has enough performance to run anything smoothly on those three 4K displays.

RE: Trashcan
By TakinYourPoints on 10/23/2013 1:02:20 AM , Rating: 2
And that's a $1300 part. I suppose we do know how to price it, it is just very uncommon and ridiculously expensive. :)

I suspect that Thunderbolt 2 is going to go a very long way towards making the playback of 4k video streams smooth. Current Thunderbolt on a consumer level Macbook Pro can stream numerous 1080p streams without breaking a sweat.

In any case, we'll see. First gen Apple products almost always overreach their stated goals but they usually get it by the second version when technology catches up.

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