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He'll do so at an event today at 11:25 a.m.

U.S. President Barack Obama has called the issues with the website "unacceptable" at an event this morning.

According to Reuters, Obama announced a plan to address the recent problems with at an event today in the White House Rose Garden. Consumers, pharmacists and business owners were in attendance. 

With the rollout of Obamacare on October 1, a key part of the program is consumer accessibility to in order to select new insurance plans. The idea behind it is to bring health insurance to Americans that have gone without, and it also doesn't prevent those with pre-existing conditions to apply. 

But the White House didn't expect to see the amount of traffic it did when Obamacare began. Within the first 10 days, there were over 19 million visits to the site. This led to many technical problems with the site, such as jumbled text, error messages and delays with loading pages. 

Obama even compared the glitchy website to iOS 7.

Obama sees this as a serious issue and addressed it today, calling it unacceptable" and planning new ways for Americans to get insurance exchanges despite site issues. 

"The president will directly address the technical problems with - troubles that he and his team find unacceptable - and discuss the actions he has pushed for to make it easier for consumers to comparison shop and enroll for insurance while work continues around the clock to improve the website," said a White House official.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), fixes are being made to the site, but it's not all bad. It said people have been successful in other tasks on, such as verifying eligibility. 

"Individuals have been able to verify their eligibility for credits, enabling them to shop for, and enroll in, low- or even no-cost health plans," said HHS. "We have updated the site several times with new code that includes bug fixes. Our team has called in additional help to solve some of the more complex technical issues we are encountering."

As of last Saturday night, it was reported that almost half a million Americans applied for health insurance as part of Obamacare. 

Source: Reuters

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RE: Bogus
By Keeir on 10/22/2013 1:48:04 AM , Rating: 2
So what is your suggestion for somebody that gets sick, just let them die unless they are rich?

Everyone dies. The US could devote 100% of our resources and our labor to healthcare and research... and still everyone will die. Even France who has a great universal healthcare system open to essentially everyone since 2000 has a life expectancy of just 81.5 years to the US's 78.5 (of course if you take out fatal accidents etc, the numbers rise to ~81 for the US and ~82 for France).

A large percentage of people who die are sick when they die. This is true for both the rich and the poor.

Lets get a few things straight.

The "Affordable Care Act" has nothing to do with healthcare. It has everything to do with Healthcare Insurance. It is an insurance reform act. Now, believe it or not, but Insurance is a relatively simple business. A company bills its customers for more money than it pays out. Simple right? The Affordable Care Act does limit the amount that an Insurance company can keep for itself. That is a good thing. But the truth is... if we want there to be insurance companies, they must make a reasonable profit. Looking at property and auto companies... they tend to make ~7-8% net profit margin. Most healthcare insurance companies make.... ~5-10% profit margin! So the ACA will prevent healthcare insurance companies from being a better investment that other forms of insurance. Good. The bad? Most of the ACA provisions will significantly increase the amount of money that insurance companies will have to payout. If healthy people sign up for insurance and do not use healthcare then it will be "okay". But I doubt this will happen. People will use the insurance, and insurance companies will end up paying out more and more and thus have to raise rates. Not because they are greedy or evil. Because people will consume more healthcare!

Meanwhile, what really needs to occur is reform of the Healthcare system and the general cost of Healthcare (which will continue to rise at rates faster than inflation)

We still need to find a way to pay doctors less. To increase the supply and quality of doctors. To prevent malpractice suits from crushing quality establishments. To increase efficiency in choice of testing, medicines, and procedures.

"Nowadays you can buy a CPU cheaper than the CPU fan." -- Unnamed AMD executive
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