The shift of duties is said to be temporary until the smartphone department is back on track

HTC Corp. has taken a hard hit where smartphones are concerned, and the company's CEO has lightened his load in other departments in order to focus more heavily on bringing HTC smartphones back to the top.

According to Reuters, HTC CEO Peter Chou has handed some of his duties off to HTC Chairwoman and company co-founder Cher Wang. More specifically, Wang is taking on Chou's previous marketing, sales and supplier relationship duties so he can focus on product development and innovation. 

"I have become very focused in the past couple of months. Before that I was too busy," said Chou. "I took on too many things. I need to be more focused on innovation and [the] product portfolio."

The company has even brought back another co-founder -- H. T. Chou -- to lead phone projects. 

HTC CEO Peter Chou

The shift of duties from Chou to Wang is said to be temporary until the smartphone department is back on track. 

HTC could certainly use all the help it can get right now. It used to sit in the top five list of companies when it came to phone shipments, but HTC even fell out of the top 10 this year. 

To make matters worse, HTC showed its first-ever net loss for a quarter in Q3 2013. It reported a net loss of $101.2 million USD on revenue of $1.6 billion. 

HTC has had a slew of other problems as well, such as layoffs, where 20 percent of HTC employees were let go in September; rumors that the company will be sold, and issues with top designers stealing trade secrets ahead of leaving HTC to start their own firm.

Just last week, HTC lost another key executive -- HTC Global PR Vice President Lorain Wong -- after she had only been there for four months. 

Source: Reuters

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