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A teardown of the upcoming update to Gmail for Android -- Gmail 4.6 -- revealed numerous confirmations that ads lay lurking in the update from Google Inc. (GOOG), as well as showcasing some welcome improvements.

Notably Android Police found strings, 8 classes, and even a full library with "Ad" in their names in the Gmail APK.  A big question left unanswered by the teardown is whether the feature will harass users with fake email ads, a feature added in a recent controversial update to the desktop browser client, or simply ad normal banner ads like those found in many free (ad-supported) Android games.

The Droid Guy is claiming the changelog for Gmail 4.6 hints that the new mobile ads will be in the form of email spam.

Gmail 4.6 Gmail unsent Gmail 4.6
Gmail 4.6 [Image Source: Android Police]

The update does bring some welcome changes in a heavy overhaul to the Gmail card, including a warning about unset messages, new icons for contacts you don't have a picture of (a stylish letter from their first initial), and darker UI icons.

Gmail 4.6 Gmail auto picture
left: Before the autopicture; right: After the update. [Image Source: Android Police]

The reviewers were indifferent or perhaps slightly negative on the decision to do away with the "cancel" button in the email "send" dialogue, which now requires you to press the "back" button (beneath the screen) to cancel.

Most Android users should get the tile "upgrade" sometime later this week, bringing their freeloading mobile Gmail days to an end.

Sources: Android Police, The Droid Guy

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RE: Just another reason
By Reclaimer77 on 10/1/2013 11:25:15 PM , Rating: 2
Could you possibly be more transparent in your ignorance and hate?

Google has changed MUCH in the last X years, some for the better some not. On the fly language translation? Ability to viewed a cached website? Navigation maps to locations directly in the search page?

These are just a few off the top of my head. Why is it so important to you that Google seem "boring" and unchanging to you anyway?

RE: Just another reason
By Mitch101 on 10/2/2013 12:15:48 AM , Rating: 2
I expect nothing less from you because anything anti-reclaimer likes is always ignorance, hate, or must work for them. Your comments are old and predictable.

Google the search engine is getting stale its good at what it does then every couple months they have to change the algorithm to try and defeat spam. It should be evolving more.

Its like Microsoft doing the same thing it gets old and feels dated that's what Google search feels like it needs an overhaul or a facelift.

RE: Just another reason
By Reclaimer77 on 10/2/2013 12:45:30 AM , Rating: 2
Speaking just for myself, 99% of all my Google searches are done via my browsers search bar. I hardly ever actually visit the Google homepage, so a "facelift" wouldn't mean a thing to me. What matters to me is the search results, as useful as possible, as fast as possible.

You seem to be just throwing a lot of opinions and hyperbole at the issue. Instead of just arbitrarily saying that Google is "stale", can you actually suggest what it is they should do? Some feature or something? I would honestly be interested in some substance.

every couple months they have to change the algorithm to try and defeat spam. It should be evolving more.

Uhh would you rather they NOT fight spam??

Either you're really bad at articulating what exactly you would like to see from Google, or you're going out of your way to find negatives. Considering the source, my money is on the latter of those two.

RE: Just another reason
By Mitch101 on 10/2/2013 8:42:13 AM , Rating: 2
See you in a few years when Google starts losing market share and starts cloning everyone else who's moving forward beyond boring text searches that google provides today.

RE: Just another reason
By retrospooty on 10/2/2013 8:48:33 AM , Rating: 2
Sounds alot like MS today. ;)

RE: Just another reason
By Reclaimer77 on 10/2/2013 9:14:26 AM , Rating: 2
If something better than Google comes out, then I'll switch to it. Duh?

I don't use Google because of their market share or stock price or their namesake.

Are you even hearing yourself?

RE: Just another reason
By Mitch101 on 10/2/2013 6:33:49 PM , Rating: 2
Your so transparent and full of crap its not worth communicating with you.

RE: Just another reason
By EricMartello on 10/6/2013 6:04:52 AM , Rating: 2
So your whole anti-google tirade revolves around you having a problem with them making money by inserting ads into products and services they offer to people for free?

It seems to me that your ire should be directed toward the total lack of legal protection for email as a communication medium. The misguided "war on spam" that every nerd seems to feel justified in participating in is effectively a form of censorship.


"Spam" isn't defined specifically, and one man's spam is another man's email that he was waiting for and never the very notion that people are complaining about "ad spam" being inserted by google or receiving "spam email" they claim they "never signed up for" is a load of crap in both cases because they got exactly what they asked for.

The transmission of any email that is not perpetuating an illegal activity should be legally protected from any kind of invasive scans by the service providers or any intermediary networks.

All emails to and from google or any other email service provider are scanned - and this is what allows the ads to be injected in the first place.

If you want your emails to remain private, unauthorized content scanning needs to be made illegal under law, so that the next time google or yahoo decide to scan your email under the guise of "stopping spam" (but in reality to show you ads based on the content of the email message) you can file a lawsuit against them for interfering with private communications.

“So far we have not seen a single Android device that does not infringe on our patents." -- Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith
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