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A teardown of the upcoming update to Gmail for Android -- Gmail 4.6 -- revealed numerous confirmations that ads lay lurking in the update from Google Inc. (GOOG), as well as showcasing some welcome improvements.

Notably Android Police found strings, 8 classes, and even a full library with "Ad" in their names in the Gmail APK.  A big question left unanswered by the teardown is whether the feature will harass users with fake email ads, a feature added in a recent controversial update to the desktop browser client, or simply ad normal banner ads like those found in many free (ad-supported) Android games.

The Droid Guy is claiming the changelog for Gmail 4.6 hints that the new mobile ads will be in the form of email spam.

Gmail 4.6 Gmail unsent Gmail 4.6
Gmail 4.6 [Image Source: Android Police]

The update does bring some welcome changes in a heavy overhaul to the Gmail card, including a warning about unset messages, new icons for contacts you don't have a picture of (a stylish letter from their first initial), and darker UI icons.

Gmail 4.6 Gmail auto picture
left: Before the autopicture; right: After the update. [Image Source: Android Police]

The reviewers were indifferent or perhaps slightly negative on the decision to do away with the "cancel" button in the email "send" dialogue, which now requires you to press the "back" button (beneath the screen) to cancel.

Most Android users should get the tile "upgrade" sometime later this week, bringing their freeloading mobile Gmail days to an end.

Sources: Android Police, The Droid Guy

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RE: Just another reason
By Solandri on 10/1/2013 2:48:38 PM , Rating: 2
I think he's complaining that Google has one account which links so many different things together (android phone, gmail, google docs/calendar, google+, youtube, etc).

While yes that's worse from a privacy standpoint, I think it's the lesser of two evils. Since all these Google services are offered by the same company with the same terms and conditions, I'd rather have one account to login to them all, than a dozen different accounts for each different service. Not only is a single account a lot easier on my password memory, it makes cross-linking services a lot easier. If I tap a phone number in a text message I got on my phone, it can cross-reference my gmail contacts, find the number and person, and let me schedule a calendar appointment with said person, and send him an email confirming my appointment. If all those Google accounts were separate, I'd have to login 3 extra times and manually link those 4 apps together to get that cross-functionality to work.

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