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A teardown of the upcoming update to Gmail for Android -- Gmail 4.6 -- revealed numerous confirmations that ads lay lurking in the update from Google Inc. (GOOG), as well as showcasing some welcome improvements.

Notably Android Police found strings, 8 classes, and even a full library with "Ad" in their names in the Gmail APK.  A big question left unanswered by the teardown is whether the feature will harass users with fake email ads, a feature added in a recent controversial update to the desktop browser client, or simply ad normal banner ads like those found in many free (ad-supported) Android games.

The Droid Guy is claiming the changelog for Gmail 4.6 hints that the new mobile ads will be in the form of email spam.

Gmail 4.6 Gmail unsent Gmail 4.6
Gmail 4.6 [Image Source: Android Police]

The update does bring some welcome changes in a heavy overhaul to the Gmail card, including a warning about unset messages, new icons for contacts you don't have a picture of (a stylish letter from their first initial), and darker UI icons.

Gmail 4.6 Gmail auto picture
left: Before the autopicture; right: After the update. [Image Source: Android Police]

The reviewers were indifferent or perhaps slightly negative on the decision to do away with the "cancel" button in the email "send" dialogue, which now requires you to press the "back" button (beneath the screen) to cancel.

Most Android users should get the tile "upgrade" sometime later this week, bringing their freeloading mobile Gmail days to an end.

Sources: Android Police, The Droid Guy

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RE: Just another reason
By Mitch101 on 10/1/2013 1:14:18 PM , Rating: 3
No what Im saying is if the ads become invasive enough that it feels like you can never get to the data your looking for you wind up going somewhere else being less invasive.

I use IMDB significantly less than I used to for movie trailers because of the repetitive and frequent 30 second ads I have to sit through before I can watch the movie trailer. If the movie company wants to get me to see their movie pay to have the ads removed and let me watch the trailer. I get through 3 movie trailers on IMDB before I give up and go elsewhere because of the commercials. The Movie trailers are already commercials why do I have to sit through a commercial to watch a commercial?

I dont use HULU anymore and I use VIPTV.NET now because of all the commercials ruin shows on Hulu. I paid for the programming to be streamed I didnt pay for the commercials.

If google gets too invasive with the ads people will go elsewhere. has ads but they are off to the side much less invasive to me using e-mail.

Facebook has gotten extremely annoying with the inline ads that I'm using Facebook less and less.

How many people wont use DT without an ad blocker in place because you can overdue it with the ads. We even saw a screenshot a while back of a DT Author and they were using firefox with an ad blocker.

The assumption of more ads = more revenue reaches a point where its counter productive and people move on. I have a message in my google mailbox right now on how I can be more effective with google ads by putting multiple rows of them on my sites. Its right next to the e-mail about site performance which when you measure my site performance the slowest item to display is the ads and they want me to put more of them up.

RE: Just another reason
By bug77 on 10/1/2013 6:09:10 PM , Rating: 2
You do realize we're talking about Google here, don't you? There's not a single product they have that has intrusive ads. And not by chance, it's because they're trying hard not to be invasive.
Yes, it's not impossible that will change in the future, but complaining about it now seems a little far fetched.

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