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Special Service Police Sedan is aimed detectives and administrators

The truth is not every law enforcement officer needs a vehicle that is pursuit rated. For some administrative types or detectives, what they really need is a vehicle that is fuel-efficient to help reduce fuel expenses for the department. All of Ford's past police vehicles were specifically pursuit rated, including its new batch of EcoBoost-powered interceptor vehicles.

Ford has announced that after requests from various law enforcement agencies it has created a new Special Service Police Sedan featuring a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine that promises best-in-class fuel efficiency. Ford says that it specifically designed the vehicle to meet the needs of detectives, administrators, campus police, and law enforcement agencies looking for the best fuel efficiency possible.

Even though the 2.0-liter EcoBoost is a small engine, it still produces 240 hp and 270 pound-foot of torque. Ford says that in law enforcement trim the vehicle will be able to achieve 30 mpg or better in EPA highway ratings. The engine is mated with a standard six-speed automatic transmission.

The fuel savings potential is impressive for departments switching from the aging 4.6-liter V8 Crowd Victoria which is rated for only 17 MPG combined.

“Not every police officer needs a pursuit-rated vehicle,” said Jonathan Honeycutt, Ford police marketing manager. “As agencies look to replace older, V8-equipped cruisers with more efficient cars, Ford is at the ready with the most fuel-efficient – yet still very capable – full-size police vehicle.”

Ford says that while being more fuel efficient, the new special service vehicle will have all the safety and durability features the Ford uses in its existing interceptor sedans.

Source: Ford

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Really, 2.0L in a Taurus? Thank CAFE
By Murphy9090 on 9/21/2013 12:57:16 AM , Rating: 1
Seriously, the 2.0L 4 can no way shape or form be enough engine for a Police anything. The engine is designed to look amazing to the EPA during mileage testing. These smaller "Eco-boost" engines have been set to maximize the EPA test figures while struggling in day to day actual usage. Read through the testing of the Fusion with a 1.6L Eco-boost engine. Yes the car magazines beat their test mules to death. But just take a quick glance at their gas mileage and it is well below the EPA ratings. Ford has already been caught padding the stats along with others to help their CAFE rating.

RE: Really, 2.0L in a Taurus? Thank CAFE
By Jeffk464 on 9/21/2013 1:22:30 AM , Rating: 2
Read the reviews of the turbo 4 in the 2013 BMW 3 series. When done right a turbo 4 can be down right awesome.

By Spuke on 10/1/2013 9:52:45 PM , Rating: 2
Read the reviews of the turbo 4 in the 2013 BMW 3 series. When done right a turbo 4 can be down right awesome.
I have a BMW X1 with that engine and it is indeed awesome. That ZF 8 speed auto is one of the best transmissions on the planet IMO and I'm a manual fan. It's my wifes car and she gets 27 mpg but she's a lead foot. When I drive it I get 32. I asked her to slow down and she upped it to 28. LOL! I also have a DI turbo 4 in a Pontiac Solstice. It's rated at 19/28 and I get 29. My best is 33 (3 different occasions). Keep the boost low and the fuel economy soars.

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