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GTA V Vine Leaks  (Source: Gizmodo)
If you're going to leak footage, be smart enough to remove move your gamer tag from the video

A gamer going by the name of was able to get his hands on an early copy of GTA V ahead of its launch. Exactly how he was able to get hands on the early copy is unknown. The braggart wasn't happy simply inviting a few friends over and playing the game before most people got their hands on it; he instead decided to make hordes of short Vine videos in order to gain internet notoriety.

The problem with this plan was that he apparently left his Gamertag clearly visible in at least one of the videos he made. As a result, Microsoft banned his Xbox console for life from Xbox Live.

What that means is while he will be able to play off-line games on his console; he'll have to buy a new one to be able to access Xbox Live. He will also lose any achievements and other content associated with that Gamertag.

Rockstar has a very cut and dry policy on this sort of thing. The policy reads, "Pre-Release Footage: No pre-release leaked footage of any kind: Any posting of in-game footage from leaked copies of the game prior to its official release date will be taken down, regardless of how the game was obtained. This includes “early unboxing” videos."

At the time of writing, we were unable to get any of the video clips on Vine to launch. We don't know if that means they were taken down or if there's just so much traffic that the videos are unavailable. Indications are that the short videos show off the inside of houses, in-game smartphone, shooting mechanics, and much more.
GTA 5 set to officially launch tomorrow.

Sources: The Sixth Axis, VG247, Gizmodo

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Get a grip
By Nevets97 on 9/17/2013 11:44:12 AM , Rating: 0
So many people need a reality check. All this talk about how its bullcrap that the "man" is unfairly infringing upon this gamer's rights is just that ... bullcrap. Also why bring Microsoft into this ? Of course they are going to want to protect the rights of the publishers. Without the publishers producing these games , there is no Xbox.Also , do you think that Microsoft is going to ban someone for life on the possibility that someone got the copy from Amazon ?!? The whole thing about it coming from Amazon was purely speculation in another post on here , but by the end of these posts , people are mentioning it as if it were fact!

I think it is fairly common sense that if you had received a game early , that it would be a bad idea to posts videos of the game before hand.

So many people walk around grumbling that "hey its my right to do this" or "It doesn't say that I cant" when all it is , is just trying to throw out a loophole to justify it.

We in the United States do have rights for sure , but the part that is so often forgotten that we also have obligations.

There was no need to post these videos. I'm quite confident that it was just to show off , or a "hey look at me , I'm cooler than you because I am playing this game already game and you aren't" kind of moment.

I am quite alright with this guy being banned , and in this day of instant publicity (good and bad) as well as our society loving the litigation route , I am pretty confident that Microsoft isn't banning someone that obtained the copy from Amazon. They would assuredly do their homework first.

Quit whining so much about our rights people , and pay more attention to being good citizens. It's a two way street

RE: Get a grip
By TakinYourPoints on 9/18/2013 2:30:27 AM , Rating: 3
Are you implying that he bought a pirated copy?

Early copies are easy to obtain depending on where you are. There are two indie game stores very close to where I live that break street date regularly, and another four that I know of if I decide to drive another 15 minutes. PS3 copies were available Thursday and 360 copies were available on Friday.

This happens all the time. COD: MW2 was out two weeks before launch and the servers were packed with people playing. Rock Band 3 had street date broken a week early, and Harmonix had a very cheeky "Congrats on getting the game early" as the MOTD on the title screen.

Microsoft banning an account based on this is disgusting. He wasn't hacking or cheating, he bought a copy from a store that broke street date.

What other company is so draconian with their products?

"Death Is Very Likely The Single Best Invention Of Life" -- Steve Jobs
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